Saturday, 1 September 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Justin Beiber must be furious

Hmm, four girls out first; more evidence of the woman-hating United Kingdom in action.Emma's interview with Danica was a fucking joke; unless I missed the memo and flirting is a criminal offence now? The moral high-ground is slightly lost when you work for Channel 5, which owns the Daily Star, FFS.
Julie: looks like you picked the wrong alliance with the DMJ Samantha Brick.
The Situation: more Googled than Justin Beiber and Jesus Christ. Well, they're all arguably secret homosexuals.
Has Coleen not figured out The Situation isn't interested in her yet?
Julie saying 'I don't do like flattery' is a bit like when Dot Cotton says, 'I'm not one to gossip...'
Julie: 'when he comes out of the closet' comment about Lorenzo. Niiiiiiiiiiice (even though I just said the same thing two minutes ago, but I was joking). Oh Julie, leave it with the 'get it, got it, gone' thing! Just STFU and stop digging your own grave.
Even Harvey '21 braincells to rub together' is onto Julie now. That game is officially UP! Harvey doesn't care about bitching anymore because he's got out the two women who wouldn't sleep with him. Job done. Now he can start pretending he's a stand-up dude again. Well too late, motherfucker, we got your card marked, kiddo. We know all about your attitude towards women, as if we didn't know already.
Enjoy those talks about the glory days, Julie, because they're over now. Everyone is onto you.
Martin has been sowing the seeds for Julie's demise for time. If Julie said something so offensive, I certainly hoped you picked her up on it, especially if she said something 'as rough as you'd hear in a North London pub.' I mean, how unladylike!
This HAM (Horseshit and misogyny) alliance is a new thing. Apparently Sitch's fans support Ashley and Harvey, too. Thanks for telling us. The same morals? Yeah, the 'treat women like dirt' school of morality. One for all, and all for one, homies. I watched that Ashley on the live feed last night and I literally could not understand one word that was coming out of his mouth except 'bruv'. Isn't he from London? Shouldn't I be able to understand him? I think it's just thicko speak, isn't it? 
That 'get Julie out' was soooo loud, and she's not even up, LOL.
Julie baffled at the chants. Is she really trying to pretend they were saying 'get Julian out'? That's a low blow. Julian knows it wasn't his name. It's one syllable shorter. It says a lot about her than she tried to put it on him, and more about him that he tried to protect her. Julian: 'it's just some silly girls chanting.' Exactly. Julie: can give it out but cannot take it.
I could tell Sitch was gutted Danica was gone on the live feeds. He looked more upset than Prince did.
Danica is like Teflon; she can take a few boos.
Is Julie dragging people into corners 'mixing'. Discussing nominations in the loo! Her mind on that already. Just says it all, really, doesn't it?
I like seeing Julie under the cosh. I think she's so used to people kissing her arse. Should have kept that act up a bit longer, Bet. Not impressed with Martin and Harvey throwing her under the bus. Those two were just as malicious and unpleasant in that God's task - possibly more so. It does not reflect well on her.
Why is this 'health lottery' BS in the middle of Big Brother? I'm fed up of having that bunghole Natalie Cassidy shoved down my throat. Get off my screen: FOREVER!
I love Julian complaining about it being too blokey and 'talking about sport'. He said 'sport' like it was 'child-molesting.' Julian begrudging saying he'd miss the DMJ, lol.
Harvey dropping Julie in it about the noms. Nice. Did that person who I can't understand what he's saying say 'tomorrow she's getting it, isn't she?'
The fact is; Harvey and Ashley were Julie's little sheep, just following blindly. Now they're two puppy dogs lost. But I never forget a sheep. And then turning on her is not helping their game; it's too late.

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Petleg9 said...

Don't you think a lot of those Google searches were "Who is The Situation?" I know I Googled that when he 1st appeared on CBB !!