Sunday, 28 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - A thank you wagon area

Who the fuck is Bobby to tell Amy how much make-up to wear? I hate that guy so much, it's like some passive aggressive misogynistic I-fancy-you-yet-don't-fancy-you bullshit. Just l
Darryn on his parrot's TV habits: 'He loves anything on the Amazon.'
Kerry's tabloid tales: zzz. Go and get a fucking therapist, for fuck's sake, I'm sick of hearing about it.
I like Jedward's goth look today. Their role plays were the lols. Honestly, the lot of them carry on like 12-year-olds.
I'm annoyed that Marco Pierre White is on this show. More outside world, more flim flam. I just want to see the housemates sitting around and bickering, I don't want all this extraneous taskery. I don't want a fucking cookery lesson. There's enough cookery on TV! How much are they paying this cunt? They should have spent that money on some decent celebs. Marco Pollo indeed! Watching Marco try all these foods. What riveting TV.
Jedward are like naughty little elves mucking up the kitchen. The water going all over the floor was mega. I wonder if they're going to get punished?
Jedward's toast sculpture: 'it's not waste, it's like modern art.'
Lucient Laviscount handily reminding us what a mini-misogynist cunt he is in the making. 'Born that short just to give head'? Gross.
Tara is having some ex-meth head paranoia. She's talking complete mentalist talk right now. Is she drunk? She's gone loco.
Pamela's sleep talk was classic. I love sleep talk. My friends (and Darryn) think she was faking it, but a 'thank you wagon area'. Fuck me.
Tara and Pamela together are a box of bonkers. Does Tara really think Darryn can ruin her career? What career? I still like her, though, she's a good character.

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