Monday, 22 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - Camel towie

LOL to Jedward smacking everyone in the face first thing in the morning. Rise and shine! They are so going to get the blame for these other 'pranks'.
Jedward washing each other's hair is cute. Do they ALWAYS wear the same thing and have their hair the same? If Jedward used all my shampoo they'd be in trubs. But my shampoo is purple.
Kerry you didn't get fired from Iceland ads because of the News of the World, you got fired for snorting a bucketful of cocaine.
Kerry is invoking Zopyclone! 7mgs. I took that shit every night for a week once (I was ill) and it didn't make me go on This Morning slurring like Phil Mitchell on a bender. It did give me insomnia for three months afterwards though.
I like Jedward's flat hair. They look a bit Patrick Wolf.
Darryn is like a bear with a sore head. I think he's going a bit 'Vinnie Jones'. Redeeming features? None spotted so far. Isn't be a little old for a mohawk and pink hair?
The bedsheet task is apt as it's making me zzz.
Paddy 'a woman should never talk like that' after Amy explained what camel toe was. Well you asked, you fucking sexist pig!
Kerry's tabloid tales are getting a bit old, too, I've already heard them all once!
Your cracks are showing, Lucien, you insecure bag of slop. Stop projecting your mountain of baggage onto others. He's over his emotional baggage allowance, big time. And he's only 19. Imagine when he's 40 and divorced with three kids!
Lucien: 'I don't fancy Amy. I don't fancy Amy. I don't fancy Amy.' Keep telling yourself that. Ah, now he fancies Tara. Yesterday it was Pamela. Tomorrow, probably Kerry.
Look at unknown Jedward's little legs. He looks like a 12 year old. I kind of like that twink look, though. Legal twinks, obviously. Amy's got a soft spot for the Jeds.
These jokes are dreadful! My worst fear ever in a social situation is people start telling jokes because you can't stop them, it just goes on for eternity.
Big Brother memories: remember when they locked Basshunter and Lady Sovereign in a room and made them listen to his shitty tune on a loop and she hid inside a drawer? Good times.
Big Brother's Bit on the Side: Pete Burns. Enough said.

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