Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - It's rank, let's do this

I'm ill! Yet still I blog. See what I go through for you? Quality cannot be guaranteed.
No hot water. Surely nothing can beat Victor and his sniffles.
I knew Bobby wouldn't like Tara saying he was scared as he's such a 'red blooded male'. God, I hate the way Bobby talks to Tara, he's a disgrace. What a disgusting human being. I feel sorry for Tara. Why are all the men in that house (except Jedward and Paddy) such arseholes?
I think Danny Dyer mis-sold Paddy to us as one of Britain's deadliest men. He's a pussycat.
I like the way Tara talks, the sound of her voice, the way she phrases things. She shouldn't be sad about losing Lucien's friendship, he's completely useless as a human being. She might be nutty but at least she's got heart.
I think they're playing Digitalism over this task. Very hip. Garlic smoothies! No thanks. OMG I hate seeing people barf on TV.
Bobby taking his shirt off to do the task. Put it away. It's funny how someone so handsome can just become vile because of their personality.
Did Jedward really do that to their T-shirts? It looks good! I wanna do mine.
Paddy didn't like that garlic ice-cream much, did he? He's got some funny one liners in him. Is he crying for his mummy? Not so hard!
Darryn's 'not bothered' about his nominations. Just like Siavash was 'all good' after Noreen fucked him over and her prize knobend of a boyfriend turned up. Yeah. It's all good. Paddy looked genuinely upset, first Sally, now Darryn on the block.
WTF is going on with Kerry and Lucien? They're both odious. I don't want to see them getting it on. He's about her level of intelligence, though.
Kerry to Pamela: 'you've misinterpretated what I've said.' You've misinterpreted how to say misinterpreted. How about kicking someone when they're down?
God, these Fright Night actors must be fucking desperate flogging their wares on BB. They look a bloody fright. This is NOT what Big Brother is about. More outside people.
Sick in the bath! I've been there.
I should have known Darryn and Kerry would be stirring the pot whilst the others were having fun. Amy is being a bit of a dick, too. Amy's not that stupid, though, she's onto Lucien.
Why are they all laughing at Paddy? I don't get it. Aw, he misses his wife. He's not even saying sorry to God for swearing. Is he upset about Darryn being up for nomination? Why is he mad about seeing that film? That's not very good PR. I'm surprised they showed it. In BBUSA they FORCE them to enjoy the film and say nice things about it after.
OMG Lucien is selling Tara up the river! Yeah, you are a fucking sheep. Darryn swaying Lucien by telling him not to be swayed. Hilarious. This is an Oscar winning performance by Darryn here. Oh, Lucien. You've hitched your apple wagon to the wrong star, my dear. Tomorrow; you'll find out.

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