Thursday, 25 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - It would be lovely to have Paddy behind us, yapping away

My boyfriend is eating something that if you ate it in the Big Brother house you'd rightly be called an animal. Micro chips, hotdog sausages and cheese. I've heard it's Jedward's favourite dins.
Wizzzzzard of Oz task. As all the tasks have been framed around the different personalities, is this task based on Kerry's love of whizz?
I'm surprised Bobby agreed to wear the dress as he's such a poser.
Darryn's mad because they said he hasn't got a heart. Your card is marked, Sally. He's gonna pap you to death. See her check herself out in the mirror in her Dorothy garb. Yes like Dorothy if she's had a chin like a a builder.
Bobby calling Amy thick. Nice. And the boobs comment, too. He's all class, that one.
Darryn is livid! Darryn can't get into his trousers. Should have got lipo instead. He's the main source of bitterness in that house.
Why does Amy look so far away in the DR chair? She looks smaller than Yoda.
Tara: 'it smells like throw up' about some unidentified liquid.
Amy and Darryn are right about Bobby; he does have balls in the DR but not out of it.
Loved Paddy in his dog basket going 'for fuck's sake.'
Oh Darryn, get over it, you idiot. People think you're heartless because you're a superficial prick. Also, Abs from Five called. He wants his six pack back.
I think Bobby has got something with him. What's sweat-gate all about? What's going on in his head? He's mildly psychopathic, I think.
Amy getting tortured was quite amusing. She got the maths question right! Impressive. Amy is like Jesus up on that cross. She is the resurrection of thickery. That section of the show went on for about five minutes too long.
My boyfriend is now getting mad because it's not clear what the task is to win. He wants clear outcomes before he becomes invested in this task! I don't think we every found out.
Sally sounded like Vicky Pollard when she was arguing with Darryn. 'No no no no no no no.' 'All she had to go through to get here...' Yeah, she wore that sheet made of barbed wire. Tirelessly tweeted. Slept with that gross politician so we have heard of her in the first place (now there's feminism in action).
Klosh times! Bankroll times, more like. Darryn is sinking into martyrdom right now.
He should have gone to see the parrot! Isn't it stressful to cart animals around for TV shows? Call Peta. I love Darryn crying in his Tin Man outfit. He's only crying because he didn't get his dins. 'Just enjoy the food!' Yes we'll enjoy it in the face of your emotional blackmail. We'll eat it all up.
Is that parrot still sitting there? For fuck's sake, get him a taxi.
DID Bobby put that in his MOUTH? OMG! He should be thrown out for that. Why is Darryn being so cool about it. He's going to blow. This is the weirdest thing ever. And why did Darryn say 'you pissed in it' as if that was normal? My head is bent right now.
Tara's husband sounded about as mentally stable as she is. Look at Darryn lording it. Oh god, I can see right through him. Except about sweat gate. I'll never understand that as long as I live. Unless he's planning some spectacular revenge.
Sally has had a 'gruelling' day. It's not exactly a trip down the mines, is it?
Oh now Bobby is sorry for what he said about Kerry. His flip flopping is annoying, just pick a fucking personality and stick to it. 'I don't agree with some of the choices you've made.' What fucking business is it of his?
Advert: Kerry Katona is speaking to OK about her meltdown??! Where's she doing that interview, in the diary room? Just about sums it up, doesn't it.

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