Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Big Brother 2014: Whoever goes, the problem will remain

Another day, another duff task, no doubt. Ash's 'Degrading? You're on Big Brother' comment would have been good if we didn't know that he degrades women 24/7, the 90s haired little gimp.
LOL to Chris's 'he's nearly a functioning human being but he fell off the factory line' about Christopher. Harsh, but fair.
Toya vs Christopher; ding ding! I do like 'pipe down' as an insult, though. Toya IS a negative person, there's no positive day for this misery guts. I wish she'd put some make up on too; all the women are so dowdy in there. Danielle, Toya, Jale, Ashleigh; not a scrap of foundation between them. As my friend Dawn pointed out; Toya is a BEAUTY BLOGGER. She's not selling her wares very well. And if you think that's sexist, it would be if a man said it, but I spend two minutes a day applying mascara in my car and that's just for the benefit of 100 people at my place of work, so I think I can have an opinion.
Is Kimberly REALLY saying she fancies Steven? Is she short-sighted? Danielle going 'be ladylike' and decreeing Helen and Ash's releationship 'platonic.' She's like the flirt police! Kimberly is worried something is going to happen just because she gets bored, I suspect. Fuck, you'd have to be really fucking bored to contemplate hooking up with that manicured lump.
Farming task. Isn't Christopher a journalist/dairy farmer, lol. He should be good at this task.
Ooh Danielle starting on my Matthew! Leave him alone! Danielle worried about dressing up as an animal affecting her glamour modelling. Yeah because you're always so immaculately turned out, Danielle. Your brand is SCREWED from head to toe, from your miserable grimace to your dreary clothes and yes, unbrushed hair. You look make Waynetta slob look like Gina Rio.
This chicken task isn't even interesting. I wouldn't put an egg in my mouth. I don't like eggs, they frighten me.
I can't really stand Mark but he does make me laugh in the DR - ginger biscuits, indeed.
Jale, it wasn't Chris's 'decision' to be the power housemate. The public voted for him, so get off his case, Slugsworth. Has she finally found someone she thinks she can pick on, rather than everyone picking on her? Then she goes 'I don't like the way you're speaking to me.' I don't like the tone of your monotonous voice.
This meat reclaimation yard of the task is somewhat tasteless, meat is murder, after all. I like the fact that Helen likes Jale now when Jale is being a prick. 'She's not sitting on the fence.' No, she's being a cunt.
I don't get why everyone is being so pissy about this task. I would strangle Toya if I was in there. Strangle her stone dead. Great, they all like Jale now. Brilliant. Marlon did seem to be quiet in there, but what did they think Marlon was going to do, be a great leader? He's a little twat. And now they like Jale because she was rude? The logic in that house is mental.
Chris: 'Whoever goes, the problem will remain.' Big Brother's new tagline! Chris: 'grown men crying.' LOL. 'I find everyone so boring.' How do you think WE feel?!
Does Toya ever smile? Is she depressed? I really don't know what her problem is. It's not like anyone's starting on her, she just seems determined to be furious at all times.
Danielle grassing on what Chris said to her. What a tattletale. Mark: 'Fuck off home then!' I hope Chris doesn't fuck off home. He's one of only two people I like in there.
Some more smooth chat with Steven; this time with added straw.
Pauline is still the lock boot, right? I know she's been keeping her head down, but LEST WE FORGET THE CHICKEN. I'm sure she'll remind us shortly.
Second on my shitlist: Jale, Steven, Ash, Marlon. I'd be happy to see any of them go. Actually, not Steven; he's got some more mileage.
Depressing viewing tonight. Something's gotta give. Something drastic is needed; likeable housemates, maybe? Or a mass gassing? Either or.

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