Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Big Brother 2014: I'm not one to just lose my cool

Happppppppppppy! I'd rather be woken up to the sound of a baby crying that aural monstrosity. Pharrell; so much to answer for.
Do you think those tablets have got wifi? I prefered the chalkboard. Less chance of accidentally looking on Twitter or Paddy Power.
Toya and Steven have been designated the positivity police. Give someone a uniform and watch them go mad with power, as Littlejohn says, lol. Freddie's nemesis Bea would have been good at this task. 'Are we going to have a positive or negative day?' Cut to Freddie getting evicted.
How tall is Helen?! She looks twice the size of everyone else in that chair. Oh, is she actually sorry? I doubt it very much. I think she just thinks she should look/act sorry - probably because she's had a tell off. She's right about one thing, though; Danielle doesn't know who she is. But does Helen know who she is? You better know yourself little girl, etc.
Mark is so shallow, yet so annoying. I can't bear him, he's just an eyebrow instead of a personality.
Danielle is not one to just lose her cool. Really?!That must have been 20 years worth of build up.
Tamara is so vacuous. Going on about her fake tits, blah. Makes me ashamed of my own sex.
Dear Big Brother gods, please save us from the electric shock suits. It's getting embarrassing. Is the task team comatose? Kimberly feels no pain. Have they lowered the voltage this year? Shame.
These thin fake smiles during the task are quite amusing. Why did Ash say Kimberly was the most fake when half the people in there have got fake knockers. I hate the way we treat the American housemates. We always alienate them! And they're always cool. Like Stephen Baldwin.
Chris is brave saying anything to contradict Helen slagging off Kimberly. Not sure what's going on with Christopher and Pauline here. I think Christopher has got the hump with a few people. He'd probably make a decent power housemate but I'm worried he'd put up Matthew.
Kimberly was trying to smooth things over last night, Helen, you odious skank.
I'm one hundo percent voting to evict Tamara now. Her side of the house needs slaying. 'Taking it on board' -sorry, that slot is taken, rubber face.
Marlon is a waste of air. He's got no game, in or out of the house.
I don't know why Big Brother feels the need to ape inferior reality shows, ie. I'm a Celeb. The only time it was good was with Marcellas and the chicken livers in BBUS. I'm not even watching this task, let alone commenting on it.
Who chose Danielle and Christopher to go camping? I wasn't paying attention. LOL liking the rain.
Interesting; Christopher doesn't like Helen or Pauline. Good. I'd love to see more of the things he says. I know it's a broken record but I wish we had live feed so I could work out exactly who's on which side.
Why is Toya bagging Christopher? Christopher's not got a gameplan, he's got a brain. He's a sensible person. And quite an interesting one. Why is Toya hitching her apple wagon to Pauline's rickety old ride? The wheels are coming off. At least Jale knows her own mind and sticks to it. Too many flip-floppers/ fencesitters in that house. Too many lazy sunbathers. Time to give them a REAL shock.

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