Monday, 16 June 2014

Big Brother 2014: Sell-by gate

Pauline has been exercising for HOW LONG? And why is she doing it in the loo? And what has Jale done wrong today? Imagine having beef so early in the morning?!
Remember when Toya said she had a different personality depending on which weave she's wearing? Does this mean when she's got no weave on, this is her default setting? If so, put a fucking weave on already. Your normal personality is rotten.
Pauline is insulting Big Brother, now, too? Even henchman Mark isn't impressed. What is with Pauline today? Hide the knives.
I like the double act of Chris and Jale. I think Jale is wise enough to twig that being bullied in the house can only be a good thing for her long game. She just has to deal with it in the meantime.
Ash moaning that there there's no single girls in the house. Marlon: 'Why haven't they put any slut buckets in there?' Ash: 'I'd hate to have a girl who's a bit of a slut.' I am literally agoggles at that conversation. Is that really how some grown men talk? It makes me despair for society and humankind. They are both right on my shit list and never coming off.
Steven: 'I trust the British public.' To not put up Jale. Good luck with that. Has this guy not seen the writing on the wall yet? Tick tick tick, your time is coming, buddy! You don't decide who the big players are.
Step into the CGI cabinet. Why is Chris twitching about Kimberly or Ash? Neither are a threat, and one is a massive prick. He'd have been better off going after tinpot tyrant Toya.
So Chris gets to take Chris, Ash and Kimberly to dinner in the sweat box. Yawn.
I saw Winston on Eastenders earlier, serving up drinks for Sharon Watts. He's the mole, etc! Every time I see his gormless face now, I can't stop thinking about Sharon. He seems totally lost without Tamara, fiddling with some saucepans in the kitchen, when he could be fiddling with that idiot woman. You win some, you lose some.
Look at Ash talking to Kimberly like she's an equal when we all know what he really thinks about women. I will never look at him and Marlon in the same light again. I'm so glad Big Brother showed that.
The levels of paranoia in the house are getting annoying. I can't bear all the inaccurate speculation. 
Kimberly is so far out of Marlon's league it's unbelievable. She's right that Marlon treats her like a piece of meat, but I don't know how she knows that.
Marlon telling Kimberly to 'smile.' Always a winner. I love Kimberly giving it back to him. Oh my God, she HEARD those comments he made! She should complain to Big Brother. It's sexual harassment. He wouldn't even acknowledge what he had said was wrong. That is SO wrong, I feel so upset for her that she had to put up with that.
So Chris has put Ash up for eviction. I'd personally like to vote to evict that sexist twat this week, but I know it would be a wasted vote.
Mark and Pauline are having a row about chicken. Not chicken again. Sell-by date blues.
Oh my God, people on Twitter are actually saying because Kimberly poses nude she's a hypocrite for moaning that Ash and Marlon are talking about her like she's a piece of meat, as if the two are related in any way. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's like when Denise Welch pulled down the PJs of one of those Playboy twins and said 'well you get naked anyway.' It doesn't give someone else the right to strip them naked at any given point. If you think it does, you're crazy.
Ash's nomination sure ruined the party. What a shame. 
LOL the return of Slugsworth. Helen is becoming one of the biggest Big Brother villains of all time. Toya: 'Helen's not a spiteful person at all.' What is Toya smoking? Helen's blood is 100% proof poison. Helen on Jale: 'She looks like Sonia Jackson.' Ouch. A low blow indeed. Still, better than looking like an undertaker. I know who I'd rather be locked in a house with. What a deeply unpleasant episode.
Toya: 'People are intoxicated.' So can people say whatever they like if they're drunk? Is that the rule now? If so, God help you on my next podcast, Toya! God help you!


Unknown said...

I fucking hate all of these people. The only decent two are Chris and Matthew. Even Chris is a bit of a wimp. Bring on BB US.

lightupvirginmary said...

I don't disagree! I love BBUS :)