Thursday, 19 June 2014

Big Brother 2014: Load title sequence. Initiate girl code.

Oh wicked, it it going to be another slut-shaming episode! Brilliant. My fave. Another episode where women tell other women how to behave.No need for the patriarchy; we'll just do it for you.
Ahh... slop. not much to say about that really. Toya apologising to Matthew. Boring.
Another vomit related task. Is this really want viewers want? I can't even watch tasks like this. I just have to look away for five minutes or however long they inflict it on us for. I don't even like watching people eat, let alone vomit. I mean, who DOES like watching people vomit?!
Oh God, Pauline's on about sharing again. At least they're showing her so we can show the old boot the door this week.
Have they passed the farm task? Could we care less? Yes and no. Now let's get on with the arguing.
The toaster isn't as nice this year. They had my toaster last year, and the new one is much uglier. Is Very still doing the furnishings? I get everything from Very. Clothes, my Wii U, my microwave. Sponsor us, would you?!
Oh OK, so Kimberly went in the shower with Winston after the task, and it's quite a big shower! They're both fully clothed. What's the big deal?
They pretty much only show Chris and Maaaaaark in the DR, don't they? They do give the best DR, even if both of them clearly rehearsed most of their lines months before they got in house.
Did Kimberly ask for your opinion, Helen? I'm sure she'll get it anyway. I'd like to 'say it to Toya's face' with a chainsaw. Steven's too good for Kimberly? Steven isn't even too good for Helen.
Bbashleigh finally speaks to accuse Kimberly of 'jumping form group to group' but fails to add 'mixing' (Coleen Nolan and Bet Lynch reference for you there). Yeah, trying to get on with everyone; what an awful trait to have. Is this Toya 'saying it to people's faces' again? No, it's just her bitching behind backs as usual.
The way Helen talks to Jale is grim. As is Ash and Helen cosying up. Neither of them have a kind bone in their bodies. Rotten people.
Jale's happy now she's been accepted by a bunch of people who've relentlessly bullied her for a week. Talk about a short memory. I'd tell them where to go.
Matthew's legs ARE a bit like a baby deer. He's soooo skinny.
Oh it was Toya who started shitstirring about the shower nonsense. Oh Christ, 'girl code.' It makes me furious when this is trotted out, especially by harridans such as Toya and Helen. Helen, where was your girl code to Coleen Rooney, you boot-faced crow? Who are they to decide the rules in the house? Mini Vinnie Jones'?! Oh great, Pauline's getting involved now.
Why is Winston being treated like he's braindead? He was in the shower, too. Not that anything even happened in the shower. I think Helen just wants to start one row a day and she's just filling her quota.
Oh my God, is Helen REALLY bringing this to Kimberly now? Oh and the henchwoman arrives.
Kimberly, please tell Helen to STFU. It's NOT UP TO YOU what Kimberly does. Helen is drunk and acting crazy. She needs tasering.
I kind of like Winston in the glasses. OMG Winston and Marlon laughing about it! Winston should stick up for Kimberly and tell Helen to wind her neck in. Look at Helen, all pleased with herself now she's giving someone a dressing down. Helen is pure evil. She's a proper villain. I can't believe she's a real person.
Winston DOES understand that shower gate was nothing, despite appearances.
Mark and Mathew seem to be quite good friends. I do half like Mark, and half hate him! I'm ready to sway ether way.
Kimberly looks quite lovely tonight. I think these other women are having a go at her because she's aloof and attractive, and they aren't. Well, that was an abrupt ending. EVICT PAULINE! Cut the head off the snake and the rest will crumble. You know it makes sense.

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