Monday, 23 June 2014

Big Brother 2014: I refuse to live with people like that

So I had a Big Brother blog break over the weekend and everything goes mad. The power couple got 'the power of veto' over three nominations in the house and wisely chose Marlon, Ash and Steven. Who took it REALLY well when they found out! Poor Matthew, talk about beaky in the middle. Toya's yap went into overdrive and he was left shouldering the hate of the bozos. I was pleased that Winston stood up to Toya, but the general sense of entitlement in all quarters in that house is so annoying. Toya is just plain mad and the men are apes. It's a nightmare. Still, those who said she'd be 'calm and fair' in charge must be pleased with how things are going, ha.
Wasn't really a 'secret' veto, was it? How come Chris got to do everything cloak and dagger? Toya is less hurricane and more overcast today. LOL to her calling Marlon 'barbaric.' She's not far off. I LOVED it when Toya called Winston out for peeing over the toilet seat, and her impression of Winston was funny, too. Shame she's so fucking NUTS.
Ash yesterday: 'She should have put the boring cunts up.' She DID. Mark: 'Just because someone's different doesn't make them boring.' That's a man with his eye on the prize. It's not easy to keep all sides sweet as you end up caught in between - I hope he doesn't come unstuck, and yet half hope he does.
Toya: 'I refuse to live with people like that.' Er... there's the door.
I'm glad it's Marlon overhearing things people are saying about his scummy arse this time. Piece of shit. Him, Ash and Steven are pure knobbers. Winston I can still deal with as he's funny, but he could go either way. He's acting like Toya cancelled his nomination, too.
Why is Marlon pretending he's 22 when he's 30? He's thick as shit and immature so I suppose it's a good cover story.
OMG I'm shocked to hear Ashleigh calling Helen a nasty witch! When did this happen?! Helen's getting a good nose-picking edit today. Why is Ashleigh calling Helen a slag? Good editing as usual. No clue what's going on.
Helen would be TOAST if she didn't have the pass to the final. I'm worried we're gonna end up with five or six blokes at the end, though.
Ha, the power housemates can choose someone to save. Brilliant. I'm guessing it's not going to be Ash or Marlon. Suckers. More VTs! I hope they don't go off on one like Pauline - I can't cope with any more urine-related VT bile.
LOL Big Brother have given Toya and Matthew a spy cam into that house. That's a sure fire way to diffuse an argument! *House explodes*
Matthew: 'I reckon the public are desperate to get rid of Helen.' Toya: 'She's got a hard face.' They're not wrong. I like Matthew's sunglasses but his hairy shoulders are making me gag. Matthew could go all the way at this rate, he's twitching but he's somehow getting away with things.
Matthew: 'He looks so fat' about Marlon. Everyone looks fat compared to you! Marlon IS fat, though. I like Toya and Matthew lording it. Keep Toya in, at least she's got a spine. And she laughed when Ash said he wanted to rip her head off!
The audio in that plastic box is awful, I can't hear a word they're saying. Matthew: 'I know you want to save *mumble*'.
Why did Danielle walk off when Jale asked Kimberly about Steven? I think she's jealous that no one fancies her; either that or she's just a another batshit woman in that house.
Toya to Ash: 'I felt intimidated by you.' What bollocks. Toya is the intimidator, not the intimidated. She can stand up for herself more than adequately.
OMG Toya and Matthew saved Steven! Ash looked sour. Should have kept your yap shut, stupid. LOL, Steven then had to choose who to put on the block out of Steven or Toya! That's gratitude for you.
Oh dear, Steven put Toya up. Boo! Look at Ash laughing, the prick. Please vote to evict Marlon! I really want those guys to get a smack in the face. Steven should have put Matthew up as he would have survived.
Look how cocky Marlon is! Ugh, I hate him. Oh dear, Toya's digging her own grave here with her 'own show' talk. Marlon suffers from 'chronic arrogance.' LOL.
Haha, Toya calling Marlon out on Marlicio. Keep Toya in! I love how much she winds Marlon up. Mark the peacemaker. There's no love being in that spot. '22 and works in optics.' He's 30 and works in optics! Whatever that is.
Mark: 'I don't get buses.' What is Mark talking about, why is he angry? 'You don't speak to women like that.' Like what? Great editing again.
Did they not show Toya and Matthew Danielle's same sex marriage comments? And if not, why the fuck not? Why did Toya prefer Danielle acting like a cow on the VT? Toys is pure gold, absolutely mental.
Ash is getting angry again and going super Manc.
Helen vs Toya, ding, ding! Anyone know what this is about, we don't have a clue. I thought Mark was going to go all United Nations and step in again there but he just hid behind a pole and scuttled off again.
Danielle and Ashleigh are like the ugly sisters. They both need a can of dry shampoo and a hot bath.
God, I want to get behind Toya but she don't half go on. She really likes the sound of her own voice.
Helen: 'I find girls sly bitches.' I wonder why? God, what's she yapping about now? Toya: 'I can't save everybody.' Probably not even yourself from eviction this week.

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