Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Enders: Frank

I wasn't going to blog about this, but Ricky, Diane, Janine, Bianca, numerous flashbacks, and us hearing the thoughts inside Pat's head, then even the bloody coffin talking, is just too much to let slip by unnoticed. Without Pat almost stripping. It's so gross the way they always allude to Pat having a 'sexy past.' BLERGH!
This episode started off awful (another Christian-less episode- sob!) with Pat and Peggy both talking for way too long, but kicked off after about ten minutes. I love it when Peggy says 'get out of my pub!' You can't go wrong with that.
I KNEW what would be inside the present! So obvious. So revolting.
I'm well pleased to see Ricky back, I think he's fabulous. I bloody love Janine as well, I wish she was back for good. I'm thinking she probably isn't.
Why was Bianca still wearing the same clothes she wore ten years ago? Has she been cryogenically frozen? In fact none of them had aged. How peculiar. Lucky gits.
Other things that should make an Enders comeback.... Sharon, Dennis, Matthew Rose, Steve Owen, whoever Paul Nicholls played who wrapped tin-foil round his head (but not his mum, she was fucking annoying), the new skinny Sonia (just to see what people say), Tiffany, Grant, Beppe, Beppe's brother, Gaffney... evil Trevor! Oh my god, there's so many.
PS: Bloody loved the advert with Ricky and Bianca. If only actual Eastenders was that good.

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* (asterisk) said...

The advert is good!

Yeah, what is Beppe's brother's name? He's just Catatonia-banging Jungle boy now, isn't he?

I still laugh at the one time he had to actually say an Italian word and totally mangled it: arriabata, instead of arrabbiata.