Friday, 4 April 2008

Big Brother USA- Crazy James Strikes Again!

I can't even be bothered to write about American Idol it's so deathly dull. But I watched Thursday's BB USA double bill and it was an absolute joy from start to finish. It has more drama per episode than an entire UK BB series.
Sheila is such a piece of work; arse-kissing both sides, I was hoping James was going to nut her. It was mildly scary when he was shouting right in her face, personally, I found that a bit aggressive for my taste. But she is an absolute lying hag and would try the patience of a saint. I felt SO sad when James was crying and all alone and everyone said 'you're out of here'.
BUT! He wasn't. I was indescribably happy when James won the power of veto again, he really is indestructible. I love the fact he totally rubbed it in their faces. It made me laugh when the thick morons were like 'how does he keep surviving?' By outwitting you, you donkeys! And whilst wearing those purple skinny jeans, almost constantly.
But for James to stay (and he deserved it) we had to see the back of devious Joshuah, who was absolutely fucking amazing tonight. He went down in an absolute blaze of glory. Turning on his best friend Sharon as she cried in the toilet was despicable genius. Why was Sharon eating cereal and crying too? You can't cry and eat, the two things do not mix.
Josh's fake crying was good enough for an Oscar, yet at the same time utterly ridiculous. Adam is one stupid fucker. But of course, Natalie had to stick her oar in and the whole plan started to look wobblier than Ryan's fat fucking neck.
We must be getting down to the wire now. Bring on the big sticks.


Anonymous said...

Needless to say, that week was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL week of events. 'Team Lynsey' (well I'm not calling them 'Team Goody-Two-Shoes') all sobbing endlessly, breaking down, backstabbing each other and finally giving that vile queen the boot!

Josh's week of misery was particularly what made me chuckle the most; Starting from the look on his face when Natalie hugged him after her HOH victory, his fate being sealed in the POV task, the uncontrollable weeping, the exposing of his attempt to fuck over his best buddy (thanks to Natalie! Have I mentioned I love her?), his own MOTHER admitting on television that she's embarrassed by his behaviour, and then his sweet sweet exit.

Shame he didn't attempt a capgun-like bang of an exit like Chelsia did, but that speech was a load of bollocks - "be true to yourself". What, HE'S the example? When you're as vile a character as he is, people on this planet try and discourage the notion of being true to yourself. That's why we have criminal institutions and shock therapy. Change, damn you!

They've started a 'jury house' now, consisting of evicted housemates who'll chose the winner from the final. It began when Matty was evicted, which means Matty, Chelsia and James currently living together. Holy shit, they need to put a camera in there immediately and create a BB spin-off series!


lightupvirginmary said...

I know, I bet its more interesting! I thought ALL the contestants were in the jury house... bbusa must have money to burn to afford to put them all up.
As for your cruel diatribe, I'm over it now.
I was peed off when old retard brains won HOH after Josh got the heave-ho. James is going to need divine intervention to stay in this week. And we all know God is too busy picking out tiny bikinis for Natalie.
I even moaned to Nic about your bad taste in BB contestants when I saw her... you're an embarrasment to team WHIRLY!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I don't have bad taste in contestants! You even admitted I made good points about the side I like! I've yet to hear what makes the other side so special - all I saw was a bratty kid, a girl with the personality of ryvita, and two men who get disturbingly aggressive with females. I think the Christ aspect is your main disdain for the side I like, whereas I'm really not that bothered by the bible chitchat.

From what I gather the first batch of evictees were housed until the vote to possibly bring one back inside (when James got voted back instead) - since then they've been released back into the wild. Alex has been blogging and posting new photos on MySpace so he's definitely out and about. I don't know if they have role left in the show now. According to Wikipedia it's definitely just Matty, Chelsia and Josh in this jury house thing at the moment. If James goes this week I pity poor Matty!