Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Big Brother USA- The Natalie Show

I swear Natalie must have mentioned god twenty million times this show. I know this for a fact, because every time she said 'god' I said 'blowjobs' and I said it a LOT. Natalie, God does not have time to listen to your blathering bullshit. He's too busy not existing. It's fun to play dumb? Only the very dumbest of people ever say such a thing, because dumb people can't 'play intelligent', can they? You can't suddenly spouting a bit of a maths formula, can you? No, because you're just a big dumb pair of boobs. (Sorry- Natalie brings out the anti-feminist in me!)
It sucked to see James and Josh so damaged and about to be thrown out due to that ridiculous airhead. I loved James telling Natalie he felt 'physically intimidated' by Matty. Yeah right, and I feel intellectually challenged by Natalie. That was some class arse-kissing (sorry, ass). But sadly, it didn't wash. I think all things considered, I would prefer James to go now. He is miserable without Chelsia anyway. Josh is funny, he keeps the entertainment factor up and the Natalie hatred on the boil.
The main trouble is I find most of the other characters of little interest. Adam is funny in a bumbling, court-jester way but a minor diversion. Sharon is dull. Ryan has less personality than his gut. Sheila is just a poisoned old witch.
I think Josh summed it up best when he said 'one of those people is going to win half a million dollars.' It's a crazy world. I just watch it from the safety of my house.


Anonymous said...

It was BRILLIANT seeing James and Josh whimpering like wounded dogs for the whole episode, and I can't wait for one to be shot and put out of its misery tomorrow. And my misery too, they both fuck me right off.

Natalie and James could've formed an interesting alliance; she definitely needs one because if "Team Christ" are the final four standing the boys will definitely turn on her. Well, so would James eventually come to think of it. Oh Natalie!

If James goes this week it'll be really shit, only because the conflict will shrivel up. Not that he's particularly the cause of it all, but Josh could easily slip into "Team Christ" in his absence and Sharon would happily follow. I say this because Josh already has a pact with Ryan, and Sheila's been quite motherly to him this week. He's also a bible fan too, considering he once prayed to God in the pool for a flatter stomach (urgh urgh urgh)

So there you go, Josh NEEDS to leave this week! If he stays all you'll get is no drama and an abundance of bible nonsense. You know I'm right! Support the cause!


lightupvirginmary said...

your side is advocating all the bible nonsense!!!
Josh needs to pray for a flatter stomach (and a bigger willy!)