Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Apprentice: Irksome

I find it irksome when people say 'pacifically' dunno about you. AND especially when they say 120%. However, I find it amusing when thinks are described as 'a bit of a pickle' so that makes up for it a bit.
I don't think I've ever seen such an obviously losing team on The Apprentice, there is normally a bit of suspense. But contrary to popular myth, it appears men are better at laundry than women after all.
The characters are definitely become apparent, I'm particularly liking the motley crew of the buffonted Lestat (let's grab the bull by the... er...), little Matt Lucas (you were right!) and the male Nikki Grahame. I was trying to work out who his voice was like when he was going '45p a sheet' and then it struck me, Nikki 'I'm sooooooooo cold' Grahame! Which is great, as her voice was an endless source of amusement. Those three are like comedy characters on their own.
And then we have the girlies. The asian girl with the eyebrows is still my fave, she's well cool-looking and she's quite fiesty. I also like the pretty black girl who's a bit cocky. The rest are a fucking shambles, that red haired one should have gone! Thingy was a scapegoat! (sorry i've not remembered one person's name yet) The red haired one was truly horrible, a proper bully. I think Alan only kept her in to entertain. I wish they'd just shoot his fucking henchmen too, are they really necessary?
My pick to win at the mo is the west ham army dude. He seems pretty down to earth, enthusiastic and hard working.
But after that absolute div won last year, anything is possible.


Shep said...

see what happens when you put a ginger in charge...

24 hour laundry hotline. Perhaps if they would have advertised it slightly differently then sales would have rocketed. "Our girls are on hand 24 hours a day to talk all about dirty underwear..."

I've never watched this show before, but it was hilarious. There's nothing more entertaining than people being horrible to each other, and this was full of it.

(love the new profile pic too VM xx )

lightupvirginmary said...

Shep, don't be dissing the gingers, I love gingers!
I think your idea was good. Never watched the apprentice before? Where have you been?
Cheers for the love, it's an old pic, I'm a complete mingaloid now.

* (asterisk) said...

I thought it was proper suspenseful, funnily enough. Because the boys had a massive order, yes, but it was worth bugger-all. So it could have gone either way for me, even though clearly the boys deserved to win.

Redhead was a vile cunt and should have got the boot.

"Pacifically" drives me insane. And redhead said "disproportional amount of my time" instead of "disproportionate"; that irks me too.

Good show, though.

Shep said...

Where have I been? Quiet Devon, love. Remember, the land with only 4 channels, only 2 with good reception. Oh and no Freeview. Yes you read that right.

When do we get to see the mingaloid pictures then?

And * - you know what I really hate: I was in a big stuff meeting yesterday and the woman who has been brought in for e-commerce explained as she handed out bits of paper how she'd provided us with a 'skellington' of what she wanted to do. She's on £150 a day...