Saturday, 27 October 2007

Kristeen Young kicked off Morrissey Tour

I was very disappointed to read about Kristeen Young being kicked off the Moz tour for saying 'Morrissey gives good head... I mean, cunnilingus.' For fucks sake! So what?
I haven't read any of the comments on Morrissey Solo because I know they will aggravate me. Because everyone has hated her for the entire tour, but they've hated her mainly because Morrissey loved her (and because she's a woman).
I didn't like her music, but I liked her style and I liked the way Morrissey was so passionate about her, and I liked the fact she was different. For him to fire her for a flippant comment makes me feel simultaneously let down yet unsurprised with him. I know he protects him privacy fiercely but can't he take a joke? He dishes it out left right and centre (beautifully, of course, see his comment about Judy Finnigan being Richard Madeley's mum, for example). If she had said something deliberately hurtful or rude I'd say fine, but it sounds to me like it was just a glib comment.
It's not just that either. If she had been just some band that Morrissey had as a support, then it would seem less unkind. But he has bigged Kristeen up so much. I have heard him talk about her in the most gushing terms, as if he absolutely adored her. Is he so unforgiving? Of course I know he is unforgiving, but usually with good reason.
Also, check out how stiffly the NME reported this: 'Although she does not confirm what she said onstage, internet reports say that it directly relates to Morrissey in a sexual manner.' That's a little coy isn't it? Don't pussyfoot around for fuck's sake, you nearly ran him out of the country a while back. She mentioned SEX! And?
I wonder which part Morrissey was most offended by: the head or the cunnilingus? He really needs to lighten up. It hurts me to challenge him, because he truly is my idol, but he is SO flawed. I love his flaws but this is just ridiculous.
Doubting Morrissey makes me doubt myself. And I don't like it. But I'm not one of these Morrissey fans who will blindly defend him: I know what he is like. I still love him.
Kristeen: at least you had a good run with him. Don't forget the good stuff. He is a fucked-up bunny. But he's brilliant. Brilliant but a little bit evil.


Anonymous said...


Idiot, THAT'S the reason you're canning her? Jeez. KY rock on and continue w/o this old geez bag.

Anonymous said...

i've read two things on this...
some part of Moz's family was definitely in the NYC audience that night so who knows if the bands were told to behave or not...
and then someone said she was losing it, vocally, of late. was the lengthy tour wearing her down?
add nightly heckling and who knows?
i was glad to catch most of her set a few months back and she sounded good and the crowd responded favorably.

lightupvirginmary said...

I understand he was annoyed if his family was there, fair enough. But it's not worth sacking her over.
I thought she lost it vocally a long time ago! But Moz loved her.