Saturday, 27 October 2007

X Factor- 2nd Week

The Sharon drama wasn't worth acknowledging, as if anyone seriously thought she wouldn't be back. Dermot appeared to have had his eyebrows shaved off. Dannii looked quite nice except from her melted nose.
First up was Hope, whom Simon had decreed would destroy feminism via their underwear for the sake of cheap entertainment. Why? Their voices are alright. Why make a 16 year old cavort around in her undies on telly? Of course, I know why. Still: lowest common denominator. Plus, a couple of them are dead ropey.
Leon looked wooden and scared stiff. Still, I love his manky teeth and little legs and I thought his voice was strong (which no one even commented on). He just needs a confidence boost. Louis acted like a little toad, shamelessly plugging Cuntlife.
Beverley had her make-up done by Barbie but sang well. Alisha said she came as 'the black Minnie Mouse' (is the usual Minnie Mouse white?) She was still uninspiring, bring back Mingberley!
The creepy gurning siblings were holding hands! Yuck! She is a worse singer than him. They are like a couple of nodding dogs waiting for a bone. Louis was cruel to them though: he doesn't like camp? Could have fooled me.
Rhydian was world class: a world class cunt.
Emily was lucky to escape the chop again, and had clearly been styled by the person who used to be let loose on Kate Thornton. They are trying to make her look like a child with all the stupid badges and that but she just ends up looking fugging stupid. Get rid!
Futureproof: good voices, strange faces. Andy- not exactly John Travolta. He's too stoned-looking to do that crazy dancing. He just looked like he'd been in a minor electrocution incident.
Dead Dad was good, and as she didn't mention her dead dad for the first time EVER, I will call her Niki again. Only on a trial basis, mind.
Daniel DeNickyClarke was pretty awful, but his song was utterly shit. Still, I don't feel sorry for him. He was up his own arse. Still think Alisha should have gone; oh well, there's always next week. I'm feeling bored already.

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