Saturday, 6 October 2007

Jonathan Ross: Plastic Fantastic

Wow, what was going on with Jro's guests this week? Had the make-up artists gone botox crazy? Michelle Pfeiffer looked pretty stapled but still pretty. Chris Moyles appeared to have no wrinkles on his fat, cunty forehead. But the biggest Mickey Rourke impersonator had to be Ewan Mcgregor, not even 40 (surely) and looking more plastic than his Star Wars action figure. Like not even slightly: this was full on melting territory. He looked like Eddie Izzard's dad. Oh and he was on with that other boring geezer who he rides motorbikes with. Bothered. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Michelle: boring. Chris Moyles: obnoxious fat prick. Saviour of fuck bloody all. Ewan McGregor (plus his bitch): no one gives a fuck about your latest motorcycle ride.
The best thing on Jro is always Mr Pickles, his pug dog and his little woolly balaclava. Wrinkles rock.

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