Friday, 19 October 2007

Trisha Goddard: Owls are ruining my life!

I'm going away this weekend (to me ma's!) so I had today off, and oh, what a treat daytime TV is. Trisha has given up talking to rabid chavs and now takes on more 'serious issues'. A woman who is scared of owls! She can't go outside at night because of it! Seriously, when was the last time you saw an owl? I went to London Zoo and I still never fucking saw one.
People give her owl ornaments to frighten her. I love owls! Send them to me!
Then that sadistic bitch Trisha played an owl hooting into the studio which made the poor woman cry.
The woman also apparently 'lived in the woods'. Who lives in the woods (except Moon Face)? No one does! This is pure stupidness.
Then after a few minutes of 'brain re-wiring' (i.e. bullshit) Bob's your uncle, and by the end of the show she was fellating an owl on stage.
Trisha, you truly are an angel from heaven.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Sciuridae family?
Owl you need is me

Shep said...

Tricia is ripping off a US talk show host, Maury Povich. He does that stuff all the time. Balloons, cotton balls, you name it. The best is the woman who is afraid of pickles. Go and have a look.

lightupvirginmary said...

I'm sorry Eddie! I shall make amends.
Shep, I've seen Maury! I like the progeneria-noid children. He seems somewhat obsessed with them.