Tuesday, 30 October 2007

6ixth Sense with Colin Fry

It is offensive to the eye and mind to even write 'sixth' like that, but what can you do? I'm only copying it!
Having recently read Derren Brown's Trick of the Mind, I thought I'd take a quick peek at this show which I haven't watched in years. First off, the theme music makes me want to vomit. Secondly, Colin Fry talks in a little baby voice to you. He should just wear a badge saying 'trust me!' as he makes his sweeping generalisations until someone gullible bites.
There is something enduringly creepy about Colin Fry, his little weaselly face silently pleads to be punched. He looks like he's about to sell you a cut-and-shut car. And in many ways, he is. Except it's a lie about your dead child, which is probably worse.
I used to go out with a avid fan of Most Haunted and I have read up on my Fortean Times (oh, how I miss it), so I am also aware of Colin Fry's dubious history (see: the floating trumpet incident where he was caught waving it round in his hand whilst pretending it was moving paranormally in the dark). Apparently you can't get struck off from being a psychic though. Shame.
There is something grotesque about watching him grope for information, and when the grieving relative has to confirm how accurate it is at the end, it looks as if they may have a gun to their head. It is also offensive when the person says 'there is no way he could have known that' because they actually believe that, and Derren has proved again and again that it can be faked.
I wish people would research their wishy-washy theories a bit more, not because I want to kill magic (I totally believe in aliens) but just because their arguments for the defense are so crap and i get frustrated arguing with them.
I love the disclaimer at the end of the show: this is an entertainment programme and the content should not be construed as advice, counselling, suggestions, or fact. But moments before I heard Colin Fry's psychic buddy saying 'tell her not to go to the graveyard when it's cold or raining.' That sounds like a suggestion to me. Perhaps the disclaimer would be more truthful if it said, 'this is fiction'.

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