Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Film Review: Superbad

We watched Superbad tonight which was not my first choice (my first choice would have been the new vampire film with Josh Hartnett- drool!). As a general rule of thumb I'm not keen on American comedies but I always give them another chance, hoping they might be as good as Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies. Yet they never are.
I found the main character in this physically repulsive, which you were probably meant to, but it was just too much; he looked like Humpty Dumpty with an afro. I found the first part of the film very slow, childish, and quite offensive at times. And I'm not easily offended. But the word 'pussy' really offends me for some reason and I'm not going to apologise for it. I know it's meant to be about teenage boys and all that stuff, but there is still something unsettling at girls laughing at women being objectified (I know, I really need to lighten up).
There was also a scene where he got period blood on his trousers and it was completely the wrong colour. Did they not have any female producers? (I'm guessing not, actually)
Apart from these minor niggles, I quite enjoyed the film. I liked both of the other characters, especially McLovin and his adventure with the two cops, which was extremely funny. I liked the geeky best friend, who really reminded me of someone but I can't think who. It was quite touching at the end and I'm sure teenage virgins will love it. I'm just not the right demographic, i.e. a female with a brain.
Can i watch something intellectual next time?

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