Monday, 8 October 2007

X Factor: The Final Twelve

The X Factor last night was a big old weep fest. I was soooo happy that Dannii put the cut-price Josh Hartnett through (Leon) even though he can't sing that well. He's my favourite (cos I fancy him). I like Andy as well, but Rhydian? It should have been the cute little black kid who Louis liked.
Sharon cocked up too in my opinion. She definitely should have put in the little girl with the braces though. I was glad she put her with the afro and technicolour eyeshadow through, though. I like her (not enough to remember her name, obviously).
I was surprised by Simon's choices. I really wanted the geeks to go through and thought that Ghostt (their spelling error, not mine) had good voices. Instead he puts through the sinister Steps siblings and two groups of mangled together rejects (although the girls have half decent voices).
Louis had a barrel to scrape from and scrape it he did with the fair choices of the Nicky Clarke orphan,and the nice teacher woman, and then Mrs. Dead Dad (mentions of the dead dad so far... 60 billion).
But despite the constant hammering of these common-or-garden sob stories, the real joy and sorrow comes from the emotion displayed when they come through the doors and tell their assorted relatives that they have or have not made it. It's proper tearjerker territory.
And then! The errant Sisi got kicked out of the girl band for having a criminal conviction. They didn't tell us what it was, but I guessed assault, and sure enough, she beat up a McDonlads worker and failed to do her community service. Class!
So there's one very happy person dishing out Big Macs tonight. That's just the way it goes. But sometimes it goes the other way too.
Leon to win!

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