Friday, 5 October 2007

Celebrity Wife Swap: the Aftermath

OK I'm watching this almost a week late cos I'm drunk and there's nothing on. Do you think there's scope for a 'Wife Swap: the Aftermath' Aftermath, where they watch the Aftermath show and comment on it?
I was really revolted by whatsherface referring to herself as 'a bird'. I know she does Page 3, but I credited her with a smidgen of intelligence. There is something really revolting about that mentality (of making women less than human) which should be stamped upon by women. Any woman referring to herself as a 'bird' is culpable in all forms of women being treated as second-rate citizens.
On the other side of the fence was Pete Burns back in Pete Burns cunty mode, calling Leah 'a silly bitch' and taking control of his boyfriend again. Sigh. I'd hoped he'd learnt something. Then when face to face with Razor and his 'bird' he backed right down. Pathetic.
Then when Leah saw the footage of Razor reading her a poem, she went 'what you being all girlie for?' as if 'girlie' was weak, and a bad thing. What a fucked-up anti-feminist mentality. Then she goes 'what's an alpha male?' I mean, they even explain what an alpha male is on Big Brother. Does she not read the paper?
For anyone who thinks the battle is won: it isn't. And here's the proof.

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