Sunday, 1 April 2007

Louis Theroux: God Hates Fags

I'm so happy that Louis is back on TV, and still looking HOT if I may say so. In tonights episode he stayed with 'the most hated family in America' who hated gay people, dead soldiers, people who weren't married, Princess Diana; virtually everyone in fact. These charming (not at all inbred) people picketed funerals telling dead soldiers grieving families their kids deserved to die because they were sinners for a variety of bizarre reasons, all of which made less sense than the last.
They actually had quite an artistic collection of placards, which ranged from 'fags die, god laughs', 'Liz Taylor: Fag Enabler' to 'God hates Sweden'. (don't ask)
My sense of rage whilst watching this was unbridled. I prayed for a drive-by, or at least for someone to get out of their car and punch them in the face. Someone chucked a drink at one of the 8 year old kids which wasn't quite as satisfying.
Louis almost snapped at one point, but managed to reign it in despite being called dumb and being told he was going to hell for having a baby 'out of wedlock' (I feel a hundred even writing those words).
Louis nearly got to one of the younger girls, and her forced smile started to crack a little, but the brainwashing was just too strong. She said if she got run over by a car her family would be pleased because it would be God's will and she'd go to Hell for sinning.
Which makes me wonder... how many thousands of years will it take for us to eradicate religion from society? The day can't come soon enough.


Red said...

I watched this doc too, and I found it ultimately lacking. It was too fly on the wall, and Louis was just too accepting of this family's crazy ways. I know that's his style -- give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves -- but I would have loved to see him snap and tell the patriarch that he was a rude sonofabitch and sock him one, for instance.

The astonishing thing is that these people are well educated and some of them (the documentary maker who had been accepted into their family) have been exposed to the world in all its weird and wonderful diversity, so how can you accept such a restricted, warped, no-leg-to-stand-on vision?

And for all their "We rejoice when soldiers get killed in Iraq. We rejoice when people get cancer, because we rejoice at every instance of God passing judgment", they didn't rejoice much when that little boy was hit by the drink thrown out of that passing car. Fuckin' hypocrites.

lightupvirginmary said...

I know, I know, I wanted him to punch the guy too... he can't though! You could tell he was really angry.
It was really depressing.

Ossian said...

The only consolation is the whole world now knows them for arseholes.

Borat would have made monkeys of them. Louis does as well, but he's even cagier than Borat.

I didn't see the program, but I get the gist/saw the trailers.

Un-chained said...

GUTTED!I missed it. I love Louis and his subjects are always totally out there.

I am not sure that I could have handled this though, because people like that upset my equilibrium. What weirdos. I dont need the stress.

Whats he doing next time? Whens it on?

lightupvirginmary said...

Kellie I think it gets repeated tonight: have a look!
I dunno when the next one will be, it seems like about oen a month at the mo...?