Saturday, 14 April 2007

Derren Brown/ Peep Show

Could this be the best hour of TV we've seen all year? It was definitely the most eagerly anticipated by little old me. Derren Brown could basically rule the world and you know it. Instead he decides to just perform increasingly elaborate tricks on students and celebrities whilst looking very smug indeed. Mind you, I'd look smug if I could rule the world yet basically couldn't be arsed. In fact, that might even be true. Nah. Probably not.
Anyway. In his latest show he takes one person who has volunteered and plays an elaborate trick on them. In this one he broke into a guys house wearing murderer gloves (his girlfriend had given him the key), woke him up, hypnotised him and woke him up again in Marrakesh. How you can get an unconscious man through customs when you can't even take an average-sized bottle of shampoo was not explained. It was a good trick, but a bit too much time was spent on it, I guess, I like to get a bit more variety out of Derren. I also wanted to see the guys reaction when they woke him up. I'm looking forward to the car crash one though. Derren is a sick fuck and an evil genius and I demand to marry him.
So if Derren was a slight let down, Peep Show was the opposite. I thought they may have dried up a little as they are on the fourth series, but it really started in style and was absolutely hilarious. Spot on. The pheasant thing was absolutely disgusting! Obviously I'd already seen about ten minutes of it in the many clips they've ben showing, but it was still laugh out loud funny all the way through.
And I was drunk too, which helped.
I've high hopes for the rest of the series. Jonathan Ross, on the other hand, needs to get some decent guests. When Charlotte Church is outdoing you on the bookings, it's time to sort it out, J.Ro!


Red said...

Peep Show was utter class.

As for Jonathan Ross... I ardently wish he disappeared up his own sycophantic arse and stopped recommending shitty films just because he happens to have the lead actor on his sofa. And his wife too.

* (asterisk) said...

The pheasant neck was a bit grim, but the rest was the sort of superb, laugh-out-loud-funny comedy that we've come to expect from these boys. I love knowing that I was there from the very beginning, and like you say, it's still bloody fresh and good. So many comedies dry up, especially those that have some sort of "unique style" (here, the first-person camerawork and internal mini-monologues), but Peep Show just keeps on working.

Um, Derren Brown not my thing, so can't really comment.