Monday, 30 April 2007

Metrowords Reading Event: New Short Stories

Is it wrong to write a review of something that I was a special guest at? Only if I write a sugary, glossy review about it, saying I was the star. So here goes... hahaha. Only joking.
It was a very good night (except the boiling hot heat). Anne did a good job setting up and organising. Steve put together a good mix of writers and did a good job comparing (even if some of his jokes fell flat!) and I was very pleased to be invited to read.
As usual some people need to edit themselves a little: I did this by making mine half the length of everyone elses so I didn't have to rush it. I am absolutely terrifed of reading out loud. I hate people looking at me and go bright red.
People were shaking my hand and congratulating me afterwards which was pretty cool- no autographs this time though hahaha.
Not everything was to my taste but it's not going to be at a night like this. I'm used to my writing class where we just rip each other to shreds, not clapping politely!
Everyone read very confidently and it was good to meet everyone and massive thanks to everyone who turned up.
Jeff was ace ('the only black man in the room reading a story about a drugs bust'- his words not mine!): I think we as special guests rocked (but I may be biased). The New Short Stories book looks excellent and the artwork is amazing. Why am I not in it???
The next event is Monkey's Typewriter related next month so we shall be doing it all over again except with our homies (and we might be doing some poems-what a treat! haha). Hopefully my novel will be properly finished by the end of May and then...
I'll start cosmic-ordering Noel-stylee.


* (asterisk) said...

Public speaking is such fun, isn't it? Well done to you, missus, special guest and all!

lightupvirginmary said...

Thank you! Being a special guest at that was a bit like Coleen McLoughlin saying 'I have my own career'- economical truth telling!