Sunday, 1 April 2007

Celebrity Wife Swap- Feltz Vs Daniels

Now, I know it's not a popular view, but I like Vanessa Feltz. I find her opinionated, intelligent and funny. Naturally I don't like Paul Daniels. I saw THAT Louis Theroux. But in actual fact, after watching this, I came away very disappointed in Vanessa.
Her fiance (whom she's been going out with for four months) is clearly a layabout- he moved into Vanessa's house and seems to survive by doing those kind of grotty PAs in alcopop-fuelled chav clubs that Ricky Gervais sent up in The Office. He's living off of one single he released in 1999- he mentioned it about 25 times like he'd created Harry fucking Potter or dreamt up the internet. In fact, he made a pretty undanceable dated pop song several years back. Get over it.
Paul and Debbie are clearly a grotty bitter pair, used up and set in their ways. But Vanessa didnt do herself any favours, taking Paul to the kind of meat market singles bar you stopped going to when you were 18 (and only then if you were a desperate loser). She then proceeded to flirt with men her daughters age and generally made a giant cunt of herself. Does she REALLY consider that fun? I had expected a little more of her.
The final let down was when Vanessa said she didn't want her bloke being given career advice from 'a magician's assistant'. Just because Debbie has chosen that life for herself doesn't mean she should be demeaned like that, and she does seem like a hard-working person.
Vanessa: dont be so judgemental. When the 'Turnaround' dude is snoring on the couch surrounded by dirty plates in a years time you may just have second thoughts...

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Anonymous said...

Felt the same thing. I was really shocked at how impolite and demeaning Vanessa behaved towards Debbie & her husband (though Paul wasn't exactly nice either) - even going as far as uttering slanders on air and craving for her callers to say nasty things about Debbie's short stunt as a radio presenter. Plus, if I were the Phats & Small guy, I'd be losing it if I saw my soon-to-be wife (as that was the plan then) being all over another young guy, or the one at the pub (who seemed to be there with another woman)...