Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Beyond Reason

I read today the most twisted logic I've probably ever heard. The aptly-named Larry Pratt declared that deaths could have been prevented at the Virginia university campus because 'if students had not been banned from having guns on campus, they could have fired back.' Just imagine that in your head for a moment.
He also said 'schools being a gun-free zone leaves students at the mercy of madmen'.
Can he really believe that? Does he want to see little Johnny aged seven going to school with a gun in his rucksack? Or maybe the lovely teacher can shoot the fuck out of everyone if needs be instead. Not exactly Goldilocks, is it?
This culture of fear and kill-or-be-killed bullshit explains a lot about the mentality of so-called 'normal' (and in actual fact, blood-thirsty) Americans.
As for the much weilded out 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'- very true, but a fuck of a lot quicker with a machine gun than a wooden spoon, am I right?
I don't think that Cho Sung-Hu could have karate-kicked his way through 30 odd people. Even with a knife he could have been overpowered pretty quickly, I'd imagine.
The disgusting part is how many millions of people have this sick mentality.
Britain is a fucked up shithole, but we should thank our lucky stars we do not have widespread religious mania coupled with the love of guns, or we really would be screwed.
Still, we may all end up shooting the shit out of each other yet. But if everyone started shooting back, as Pratt suggest, it would probably end in a nuclear war.
And then self-defence starts to look like a pretty lame excuse.


* (asterisk) said...

It's an insane line to take, isn't it? While on the one hand you can see that there is some logic there (funnily enough, it was something the wife and I were talking about yesterday morning), you really know that it is deeply, deeply unwise to go down that path.

I like your word "a fuck of a lot quicker with a machine gun than a wooden spoon". Oh yeah, you're right about that!

But there's no way that country, which is so much under the spell of a religious book written alsmot two millennia ago, will give up the freedoms of the Second Amendment, written just a couple of hundred years ago. Am I right?

Still, where America goes, Britain follows. Isn't that what they say?

lightupvirginmary said...

You're right: in a way it does make sense which is what makes it all the more terrifying.
I just watched the videos he sent to NBC on Youtube: how weird were they!!! It looked like he was reading the whole thing off a card in the most monotone voice ever. I actually laughed out loud.
Which is wrong.
If only someone had paid him attention, hey?
God: it's fucked up.
I can't even imagine the amount of pain.