Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Patrick Wolf at The Astoria

Wow The Astoria is amazing! I've never been there before which seems impossible. I love all the tables and chairs and there's a great view from everywhere. They'd better not knock it down. We got a really prime spot sitting in the middle where we could see really well (but couldn't take a decent picture, dammit!)
As usual the crowd seemed VERY young, either that or I'm fucking old. There were a couple of old folk in there later though (going 'oooh isn't he gorgeous?' hahaha)
The support was a bit strange, some man/woman in hotpants called 'No bra'. This was pure torture, most probably to make Patrick look even better (which isn't necessary). Next was Patrick's friend Bishi who was more interesting with a good voice and a big yellow dress playing the sitar. I was quite happy to sit through the support as we had a nice table and a good view (I cant stand at the front ALL the time!)
Patrick finally came on with a bang, in a spangly gold and black ensemble. He'd also done a Howl and dyed his hair BLACK! No more ginger. He'd also had quite a severe Hitler hairdo but it still looked good. He looked cool as fuck.
People may be mistaken into thinking Patrick is style over substance, but those people are dimlos. He is such a talented performer, an imaginative showman and an incredible voice. He looks so cool when he plays the piano, like a nutty professor, I love it! His musicians are really talented as well, and they seem like a tight-knit bunch (and I even like the female backing vocals!)
The comparison with Bright Eyes was inevitable having seen them so recently; Conor came on with his hair in his eyes, Patrick came out waggling his arse around dressed in skintight gold trousers. I know what I'D rather see! Patrick really bounces off the audience, shows he cares for his audience, and really treats the audience. Both his old and new songs are equally good, which also helps. He mixes folk, pop, techno, classic and doesn't pigeonhole himself at all, and it really works. He pushes himself creatively, chucks himself around the stage and writes great melodies, songs to dance and fall in love to.
Patrick opened with Get Lost and went on to play a whole ream of my favourite songs off the new album. Bluebells was amazing and The Magic Position was unbelievably good, so joyful. Of the oldies, it was really a treat to hear The Libertine as well as Bloodbeat and Tristan (I still wanna hear Don't Say No though!)
He also played a new song called Blackbird which sounded really, really good: how often do you go see a band and really LOVE the new stuff? Was a little disturbed when he started singing 'Sexyback' by Justin Timberlake at the end, but then he did put his hand down his pants, which was enjoyable. He also got his chest out which again, I can't see Conor doing. Moz does though: rargh!
He went off halfway through and changed from his bumble bee outfit into some street urchin look with panda eyes, which wasn't quite as sexy. Bishi (I THINK she's called Bishi) came on and did Magpie which I quite enjoyed as her voice suited it. Patrick also did The Stars which is just beautiful.
For the encore he came on in blue clogs, red ankle socks and gold leggings. He also came on with what appeared to be an orange Oompa-Loompa-esque Vivienne Westwood who shouted through Accident and Emergency which was very surreal. It WASN'T Vivienne Westwood. Maybe I should know who it was. It just seemed like someone's drunk mum or something though, so fuck knows. He finished with a disco cover 'I Feel Like I'm in Love' which was extremely camp but good fun so we owed him that much after all he'd given us.
He gave us loads. You can't fault him live. I want to be his friend and wear clashing glittery clothes and be his fag hag and be at one with nature.
I want to be friends with him and Derren Brown and Ricky Gervais and Mitchell and Webb. One day! All this will be mine. See ya, Patrick. You rock.


* (asterisk) said...

I don't know this Patrick chap, altho' I've seen his name around. The Astoria is a good venue, though. I saw the Manic Street Preachers' last gig with Richey there in 1994. The little tables and chairs are cute, aren't they? As we get older, we appreciate being able to sit down at a gig!

lightupvirginmary said...

I'd be suprised if you guys didn't like him, he's a singer songwriter, but really good, and pretty experimental, he has an amazing voice. I'd recommend downloading... Don't Say No, The Lighthouse, The Stars, The Magic Position...
I saw the MSP with Richey supporting BON JOVI! I was only a child, is my defence.
So yes, we are old!