Monday, 24 June 2013

Big Brother 2013: Nominations - first blood

Everyone's looking like a painting on HD tonight. Or is that just the opening credits being arty? It looks like everyone's been in Vincent Van Gogh's photo booth!
Nominations! Ooh, they're bringing out the wub wubs. This means business. It's so OBVIOUS Dexter's going to be up, and he's probably going to go. Waa!
I've got something to teach you, Wolfy, physical violence. Hazel's duck mouth is starting to get on my nerves, and it's directly proportionate to her being a bitch. She's quite subtle with it, but she's definitely a bitch. I prefer my bitches more forthright.
Nominations! Vote smart, Dexter. Look at the way he's sitting, like a tiny overlord. Dan - yes. The twins?! A completely pointless vote. Sadly we're stuck with them for weeks yet.
Ooh, Dan voted for Dexter and Wolfy. I'd love to see Wolfy up, because she'll sulk like hell.
Hazel is so rude to Dexter. She treats him like something on the bottom of her shoe.
Wolfy nominated Dexter and Jemima. Hazel nominated Gina and Dexter. Apparently Dexter, like Coleen Nolan, goes from group to group mixing. Votes quite split so far. Except all the ones for Dexter, of course.
Wolfy: 'I spoke to a bee earlier. It told me to expect the unexpected.' Gina: 'Really?'
Daley nominated Gina because she didn't like his own brand clothes. He also nominated Jemima. No Dexter? Yay. Interesting to see what he's thinking, at last.
Callum nominated Jemima and Gina as well. I think Callum could win it at this point. He's just a lovely guy. Yes, a little on the dull side. But a really nice guy.
I've noticed that Dan's often got this look on his face like that dick from The Wanted, like he's got a bad smell under his nose. Maybe it's the fake tan.
Boo, Sophie's nominating Dexter. A pointless housemate nominating an interesting housemate. And Gina. Looks like Gina will be up, too.
Oh no, Sam's nominating Dexter, too. And Gina. I don't mind Sam so much, lately. I think he's just naive and a bit out of his depth.
Gina: 'potatoes are filthy.' They grow in the ground, FFS. Slap some make up on it, it'll be fine.
Charlie nominated Jemima for being an old perv and Dexter - aw. My boyfriend thinks Dexter might have the Freddie factor. I think he might have an uphill struggle on his hands.
Twins nominated Dexter and Gina. Gina got a lot more votes than I thought she would. I think the others see her as quite superior. I must confess, I know fuck all about her.
Jemima nommed Dexter and Gina, too. I thought Jemima would get more votes, to be honest.
Jackie nominated Gina and Dexter. There's a pattern here.
Gina nominated Jeramiah (sorry, Jemima) and Dexter. Oh, they're putting the top three up for the public vote. I prefer than to just two actually. Can Dexter survive, though? It looks unlikely.
Big Brother jail. Throw away the key. Gina saying she feels sorry for Dexter, and then Wolfy going 'that's how he worms his way in.' How nasty! Gina, don't worry about nominating Dexter, he would have been up ten times over, anyway. I hope Jemima goes over Gina this week.
I think Hazel has got the hots for Dan a bit, I heard her on the live feed calling Dan her 'house boyfriend' and they're all over each other. I wouldn't be happy about it if I was her significant other.
OMG Dan is having a go at Callum! What a cunt. You really can't say anything bad about Callum. I think this is because Callum stuck up for Dexter - he DIDN'T sit on the fence, contrary to what Dan said. It was impossible to judge the proximity of Callum to Dan there, but I wish he had heard. Dan is such a scrotum, he really is. You can't win with this dude; too nice, too this, too that.
That's cruel they told them the number of nominations. Quite unfair on Dexter. I quite like his Clark Kent look. Gina looked a bit upset, too. Also, it's obvious who didn't vote for Dexter when they say he got ten noms. Haha, that was a proper good silence. I like a bit of silence in the BB house, it's so rare. Weird ending, though.

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