Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Big Brother 2013: I'm sure the public are going to love me

Looks like Gina and Dexter are back on form tonight, which is a relief after a few days of them fitting in and making friends. Boring!
Jack and Joe shower times: SEXY! Oh, STFU Wolfy. I hear that bee said you're a cunt. How about that?
Has Dexter been swapped for an evil twin? How would we tell?
Idiot twin having a go at Dexter; be quiet. That sounded like a threat to me! Dipshit. I like Dexter's glasses and his hair today. He's just changed his hair and now they think he's fucking Clark Kent or something. No wonder Superman got away with it for all these years if people are that unobservant.
I feel like Sam needs a friend his own age in there; like his own mental age.
I HATE Hazel now. I hate her platonic cuddlemance with Dan. I hate her lording it over everyone in the house. I just think she's a cow. That's it. Her and Dan are on my shitlist.
Ha, I like the fact Dexter is playing up to this twin bullshit. At least he's getting some attention, hey? I heart Dexter so much. I hope Jemima goes this week.
I have that matt and messy Loreal spray, product placement fans, and it not only doesn't work, it smells horrible. Stick that on your Weetabix.
Ha, Dan is getting a haircut even stupider than his current haircut. Quite a feat.
Aw, Callum is showing his sensitive side. He fancies Charlie! Well, I never. He thinks she's out of his league. I don't think so, I think they're quite well matched. His leg is going like the clappers.
Oh dear, Hazel's boyfriend took his own life. Grim. Uh oh, Charlie, that was WAY out of line asking his Hazel's boyfriend killed himself because of her. She can be pretty blunt at times. She should have said sorry immediately after that.
I hate the camera angles in that tree house! I know it's meant to be awkward for them, but it makes it awkward to watch for us, too.
I hate to say it, but Hazel is really going to milk this. Eek, even Charlie's apology seemed insincere. I wonder if it's drugs that make you sometimes very blunt - like your brain somehow isn't wired up right, because Hazel is right, it doesn't seem like something Charlie would say.
Noms! Gina: 'Oh, her.' about Jemima. Dismissed! How does Dexter know it's vote to evict?
Gina's gonna go Hulk style! 'You don't pay my bills. I don't owe you anything.' Who's going to explain to her that's not how friendship works? Friendship isn't currency, no matter what Beyonce tells you. Aw, Gina thought she'd been accepted and hadn't. Haha, she'd 'pretended to try and like them.' She's done her best! This is proper good diary room sulk. 'They're just all cocksuckers.' Enough said.
I don't think I've ever heard more famous last words than 'I'm sure the public out there are going to love me.' Not with those sartorial choices, Jemima.
I like the idea of Gina and Dexter teaming up in an alliance. The rich crowd! Sometimes Gina seems quite sweet and innocent; you get glimpses of it on occasion when she smiles.
Dexter: 'show yourself!' The new 'know yourself!' Move over, Ashleeeeeen. Dexter has promised to 'tear some people open.' I'll believe it when I see it.
Oh Hazel. Shut up. It's a terrible tragedy, but don't go on. Ooooh, Jemima is having a go at Charlie to Jackie! A smack in the mouth could be coming your way, Jemima. Oh shut up, Jemima, I can't stand people who go 'you don't know what I've been through.' No, I don't know, and I don't care. Fuck off. It's not a hardship competition. Everyone's been through shit. It's not about you this time.
OMG - Jemima 'my daughter died in front of me.... and I had to resuscitate her.' So she didn't die then! Get this bitch out, that is completely out of order. Why is Jemima being so cold-hearted? I hate her now. She's being a proper cunt. A mother can't protect her daughter? WTF? This is soooo awkward. Ahh, Dan is calming the situation down. That's a relief. Oink!
Gina is rapping in the kitchen. Keep her in! Sophie's probably 'cushty' because she's flying so far under the radar she's virtually doing the limbo. Yap, yap, yap. Shut it.
Dexter has realised no one likes him in the house. It's OK, cos I think he's quite well liked outside. I agree that finding two friends out of ten is a good deal. Those ten people are dicks. 'I've come in here to 'de-arsehole myself'. Brilliant. He's soundbite heaven.
Charlie, don't apologise for your mum sticking up for you. Your mum sticking up for you is one of the greatest things you can have in life.
Jemima is looking for a row. I wish she would just shut up and leave. Quickly. Doesn't she know you're meant to keep your mouth shut if you're up for nomination? Dan is seething. Jemima is 'me, me, me, me.' Trouble is, no one is interested in her.
'AS A MOTHER!' The worst crime in history. Dan is actually right here, but I think he just fancies an argument, too. He's right though, Jemima was out of order to Jackie.
Jemima is dressed like a bellydancer. Ha, Dan is correct, 'you said your daughter died and she didn't die.'  And I like his jumper.
YOU WEREN'T THERE, DAN! YOU WEREN'T THERE! She DID put it too dramatically. He's spot on. Jemima, yes you did over-exaggerate. Dan is saying EVERYTHING I would say if I was in that house. I'm glad he lost his temper with her. Could Dan be getting back into my good books!? Ooh, and he even made a reference to fencesitters! I like it when I flip flop on a housemate. It makes it more interesting. Normally I just flop them out of favour and that's it. But I think I could be back and forth with Dan. Interesting!


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I won't be back to read your blog. Your use of the "C" word is pathetic

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You'll be back! ;)