Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Apprentice: She's in Fashion

My life just got a gazillion times more boring so expect more blogs. I'm eating ice cream alone on a sofa. Boo!
That dude (is it Jamie?) has a wife? I'm sure he was a bit on the gay side. Still, he still could be. Surely Baggsy should be happy you can sell a £2 piece of cotton for £100? Isn't that his dream come true?
LOL to Jamie slagging off the Mancs. They DO have a lot to answer for! Well, so I've heard.
I like the fact the girls are just getting distracted and have started shopping.
Alex is on fire today. Paloma is scary. She doesn't look like a sparkly jacket type. 'we'll be in dialogue with you later.' Eek. I'm not surprised they didn't get it; she seemed totally unimpressed in that shop.
OMG wtf is that recycled business wear? It's gross. I predict a fail. Fucking hell, Karren (ie. the young Margaret) looks like she's been up all night again. You're on telly; put some foundation on, ffs.
I don't trust English people who say 'mall'. Shopping centre is much more rustic.
I've just realised I can't tell Baggs and that other blonder guy apart! They both look like public school boys. They're both total cunts. If I get them mixed up, I apologise.
Do people turn to the right when they walk in shops? Is that scientifically tested?
I'm not sure I would wear a dress made out of old ties! Where the fuck would you wear it? School reunion?
That Amsterdam jibe was low, Nick!
Paloma is digging Alex's grave in preparation for failure. Perhaps she should concentrate more on selling. Oh, she can't cos the stuff is £300.
The advert thing was a good move. OMG that tie dress is so rank. That woman must be completely mental. Paloma: 'well done!' Yeah, well done, you rich idiot. You just threw away £300. There's people dying of cholera in Haiti. Having said that, I like those blue Liquorice dresses.
Ooh Nick didn't like Lord Sugar recycling that Amsterdam joke! That homeboy prefers to say shit behind people's back.
Paloma has got a hell of a bad attitude. I don't like the way she's speaking to old Sugarlumps. I guarantee you right now she's going to get fired.
OMG the way she speaks to people is disgusting! She making me pine for that idiot who went last week.
I actually enjoyed this show a bit more this week. But I accidentally deleted it and my boyfriend is at work and hasn't seen it! Fuckery. Doghouse for me!


Ossian said...

Lordy was right, all she had to do was shut up. Very few people know when to shut up. I'm working on it myself.

Anonymous said...

Paloma certainly had some good business skills - selling, negotiation, organisation - but her interpersonal skills were poor, being far too quick to attack her own teammates on a personal rather than professional basis. Her habit of insulating herself from any kind of accountability was also less than endearing, as was her tendency to make promises she couldn't deliver (large bakery orders, exclusive deals etc).

Any talent she has was overshadowed by her behaviour.

Alex did make a mistake with the promo spot, but he almost rescued the task single-handed with his idea of filming the ad for Trafford TV. At least he did something, unlike too many others who contented themselves with just being busy.