Sunday, 7 November 2010

The X Factor: Bring back Leon Jackson

Ooh loving Dannii's lips. Cheryl is dressed like something out of Dynasty. Maybe the divorce settlement just came through.
Group song! Hope they've turned Wagner's mic down. Paije is pulling some funny faces. Cher looks good.
I'm surprised they've got Shayne Ward on, I thought they'd sold him down the river long ago. I always liked Shayne, he was just a genuinely decent guy who just seemed very well mannered even though he came from a dodgy background. But it does make me pine for Leon Jackson, who I also loved, and who they DID sell down the river. The mini Josh Hartnett must be fuming. They SHOULD support their winners; if they don't, who the fuck will? Leon is worth 450 Joe McEdlerry's.
Careful up there, Shayne. It looks precarious. This song is fucking duff. Did it take three years to write? He's still handsome but I prefer him without the beard.
'It's not about where I've been'- I'm sure that's because he's been sitting in his pants watching Jeremy Kyle.
So let's see how Kylie's incredible floating eyebrow is doing. The woman is 42! That makes me feel ancient. She just looks like a waxy child. I wish she'd just be a teensy bit more natural.
My boyfriend said this song sounds like a Scissor Sisters b-side. I think it sounds like something off her disappointing 2nd album. Let's face it, her high points were Confide in Me and Where the Wild Roses Grow. This song's even worse than Shayne Ward's.
I hope they send that miserable old bint Mary home. There's a lot of neon lipstick on the go tonight. I approve.
Ooh Cheryl seething at Wagner going through! That's the public she's sneering at, basically.
Katie and Treyc in the bottom two. Katie looks like a tattered old fairy out of the christmas decorations box in the attic.
Ooh Katie's fluffed it! LOL to her dramatics. She goes 'sod it' and then sits down in the middle of her song. I think she's funny. I also fear it's over for her.
UNBREAK MY HEART. Put Katie through. Treyc- go back to the call centre. You might have X Factor there, but not in my living room. She sounds off. Fabulous lips, though.
Bit cruel making Cheryl vote second. Bit stupid, too. It's just flim-flam. Dermot 'that's part of your job description.' Jobsworth. He's worse than Louis.
Dannii 'you're both off to the top ten.' Bullshit.
Wow, Treyc went. LOL. Katie FTW!

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