Monday, 8 November 2010

Celebrity Coach Trip

I've never watched this show before but I've been reliably informed it's good, even the civilian version, so what better place to start than this? THIS version has Trevor and Gal from Eastenders, Ben from Big Brother, Raef from the Apprentice. The Chuckle Brothers! Like the Mario Brothers after a hard life. I mean, what more do you want? Imogen from Big Brother? Well, not really. But Bianca Gascoigne? Yes. Ingrid Tarrant? She's no wallflower. She is a dick, though.
Brendon, the tour guide, seems like a 'card'.
So weird that the Chuckle Brothers are still doing kid's TV. I've never been on a coach where all the seats face each other, it's weird. They're in Prague! I don't really understand how a coach trip works. Coaches just remind me of going to festivals.
I wouldn't want to be stuck on a coach with Trev the wife beater. He looks quite friendly, though. But I remember.
They are ballet dancing. What is the POINT of this show? I don't understand. And where is Ben and Raef?! Ah, here they are. Ben's come in his school uniform. Raef looks nicely turned out.
Why is the road moving behind Gal but not behind Raef? Continuity. Hold on, Raef isn't wearing his seatbelt! LOL to Ben getting Ingrid confused with someone else.
Raef declared himself more famous than Trevor from Eastenders! Incorrect! Trevor terrorised a nation for years.
Now they're driving tanks. This is like no holiday I've ever had. Raef is worried about his blue suede shoes.
What are they voting people off on the basis of?! Don't vote Ben off! UGH. It's like Big Brother all over again. At least they get one more chance.
Trevor: you think he'd have learnt his lesson, but he's still an aggressive oik. Ben and Raef FTW. But what is the win? What do they win? What's the premise? I have no idea.
I can't work out if I like this show yet or not. I'll give it another bash tomorrow and find out.

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