Sunday, 24 October 2010

The X Factor: aint no black in the union jack

Hi how are you? I'm still ill and miserable. And I don't think this is going to help.
Group song! 'He's an Xbox and I'm more Atari?' WTF is this song. I'm so out of touch. Yet I'm so glad to be out of touch.
Buble! Morrissey's not a fan. I'm not a fan of the music, but he comes across well in interviews. I don't think he takes it very seriously. I'm still fast forwarding this section.
I watched the Piers and Cheryl interview today. She seemed miserable as sin, but I guess she's had a bad year. Still, there's just something very sour about her generally. I did feel a bit sorry for her though, which I guess was the required emotional reaction.
So is she miming? Unless she's been gargling anti-freeze I'd say so. That robot voice don't come natural. Looks like she forgot to put her trousers on. She should have forgotten the jacket too, it's gross. This song doesn't have a tune. Her legs look cute, though.
Dermot: 'even Louis was having a little look'. What CAN he mean?
Now for the results. Aiden and Wagner through; cool. And Katie! Interesting. Glad Belle Amie weren't in the bottom as well.
An all-black bottom three! Well, what do you know. I wasn't expecting that result.
It's time for John to go. He doesn't interest me and Treyc is clearly the better singer. Still, he seems like a nice guy. But who wants a nice guy in the competition? I want trembling, theatrics, bad rapping. Plus he's got another bad suit on.
He sounds off singing this Kelly Clarkson song. It's like he's drunk at the karaoke.
It's clear no matter how well Treyc sings, people just can't warm to her. So I'd rethink the 'rock chick' thing, Cheryl.
OMG what the hell is this Treyc is singing? Awful. She should stay in, but only just.
Bye John. He took it well. Enjoy watching Wagner pant his way through more silly songs. I know I will.
Note to Dannii: I'm giving you one more week to sort out your dishwater hair or the baby gets it.

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