Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Apprentice: Karmically, they will be retributed

Yes, I am still watching, but barely. It's funny how this show is 'must see' TV for so many, it's more like musty TV to me. Did I really just start my blog like that?! God help us.
Some interesting products for them to sell this week; mostly a variety of torture equipment (who would buy something to stop you slouching, except in some Victorian horror movie?) Also, a babygro that changes colour to tell you when your baby is dying. Marvellous.
Does that Baggs guy really speak like that? He puts the 'o' into odious.
That blonde girl with the glasses is so annoying. She talks like a teenage girl at a bus stop. I'm half expecting her to start kissing her teeth and threatening to put a cap in Lord Sugar's ass.
I kind of wanted team Knobjockey to say 'I'll just demonstrate the babyglow by sticking this baby in the oven'.
That woman in the baby shop was a CUNT! 'I'll just have to stop you there...' I'd like to stop you there with a fist in your gob. I can't stand people who speak like that. What is wrong with people? What planet are people on!
Why is everyone putting so much make up on in the back of those cars? They're trowelling it on!
Shopkeeper: 'it's very masculeene!' That's how gay people say 'masculine'. That Paloma gets on my wick a bit. I can't believe they're having a row on his doorstep when they're trying to sell him something.
I like Jamie. I didn't even realise he was team leader because he wasn't bellowing at everyone like a twat. He has got some animal analogies, though. 'Two birds with one stone... horse had bolted...' Better hope he doesn't end up dead as a dodo.
Wow they all did really well this week! So are they still going to get a bollocking? Is Alan going to send Vicky Pollard packing?
What is a cashastrophe? Jamie is becoming a stuttering mess.
Whoever fucked up with the showerheads should go, in my opinion.
A one-word sentence is just a word, really. Honestly all I do during The Apprentice is spot cliches, correct grammar and pray for the ending! 'Walking on eggshells, fireworks, machine guns.' I fucking wish!
Is that guy really 21? Fuck me. He looks 40.
Aw, I'm sad he fired Rude Girl. 'Ganging up on me.. horrible people.' oh god, don't play the damsel in distress card, not after all that attitude. BRRRRRRAP!


Ossian said...

I suppose a Masterchef is out of the question?

Ossian said...

You got the best line again in your headline. It's a bit like Harry Hill's weekly "Apprentice Summary" where he shows somebody blabbing how great they are followed by "You're fired."