Sunday, 3 October 2010

The X Factor: Results (no) show

Two and a half hours I spent writing an X Factor blog yesterday, only to get an 'oops blogger is fucked' message and for my blog to disappear into the ether. I didn't even think that was possible! I've been blogging on here for years now and it's never happened. GRRS.
So to do the catch up version of my blog: Aiden Grimshaw is fit, and Dannii better put him through. What's up with Sharon's face? The over 28s should be renamed the over 45s. They are HOPELESS. Some of the groups are OK. is a tool, and Cher will go through regardless of any cold.
Now on with tonight. How can this be an hour long? Flim flam! Music! Mentions of 'still to come'. An advert after NOTHING happened!
The BOYZ. Oh Dannii. Don't let me down. Did Aiden have an undercut before? I don't remember. Oh god, he's first! Goodbye nails.
YAY Aiden got through. He's a dreamboat! He's way too young for me, but anyway. They don't show the loser ringing up their parents crying, do they? Shame. Be nice to have Dermot give you a cud either way, wouldn't it.
Hope Nicolo gets through. Don't mind who else.
The next two Dannii didn't put through because they are too ugly. Sorry; but it's true.
Sad for the little bulldog-looking one. Oh I know who's going to go through next, painter/decorator dude. Quite happy with the boys actually. Not bad at all.
Over 28s. Storm Lee makes my skin crawl; he's just got this creepy sex-pest vibe about him. He stinks of desperation. There's not one decent person in that category. The new Su-Bo murdered Coldplay.
Yuli looks like a character Matt Lucas is playing. What's the deal with her earrings? I thought she might get through, actually.
That John guy BORES ME TO TEARS. He will get nowhere in that competition. At least we have someone to vote out next week though. It's a bit unfair; that Marlon guy they shoved in the boys category was loads better than him.
Justin Vanderhyde! Jim Henson would pay good money for special effects like his face. The ears alone are pretty special. He's a spectacle!
UGH Storm. Let's all collectively pray for sunshine. I'd have preferred Justin, at least his face is entertaining.
Groo-bo will be the next through. NOT INTERESTED. This category BLOWS.
Groups! DIVA FEVER FTW. Who has the worst name, Princes and Rogues or Husstle? FIGHT.
Simon's neck looks all weird and tight.
FUCK TWEM. Vote Diva fever! BOO, don't like the way they set up the Diva Fever thing! Was sure they were going through.
Bell Amie were quite good I thought. Ooh Simon put through the group he manufactured!!! FIX! Husstle must be FUMING.
They never show this Princes and Rogues lot so I guess they're not going through. Plus they look a bit 'wacky'. Simon will prefer the sea urchins he put together instead. And it was so.
The girls. Rebecca is the best of the girls by a mile so she's guaranteed a place. I hope the blond indie chick goes through, but I'm guessing Gamu might instead. I'm sure Cher will still make it.
OMG look at Rebecca's ring! AMAZING! That's cool as fuck. I like her a lot.
I want Katie to go through, but I like Keri as well actually. Ooh tough decisions.
'You don't connect with the audience... you're not ready yet...' it all just means 'you're too ugly'.
Yay she put Katie through over Gamu! LOL.
What's Cher come as? Hilary Clinton? That's is a mum's lipstick shade if ever I've seen one. Cher was jammy to get through. She only got through because she's a mini-Cheryl! But hey.
Treyc did look a bit smug when Cheryl was talking to her, she didn't even look worried.
I like all Cheryl's choices too! There's been no disappointment for me this year! Yays.
Exiting seeing them all spruced up at the end. Except Storm Lee (vomit).

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