Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Big Brother 2014: You have allowed me to fall in love with you

I'm only just getting over Grimberly's antics last night and looks like they're gonna proper shaft Ashleigh tonight, too. Great.
So, in tonight's app zone task we get contact with the outside world and very specific information, too, stitching Kimberly RIGHT up. Are all housemates going to get stitched up equally? Will queen Helen get stitched up? Somehow I doubt it.
Steven's mum: 'The housemates are all wonderful.' Are you watching a different show? She shouldn't be allowed to say shit about Kimberly's personal life. Kimberly is twitching. Don't clam up now, Kimberly.
Steven is stringing this out, almost enjoying it. I hate him. 'She needs to start opening up.' Argh! Close it! Stop saying it!
I am going to get sick of this Steven and Kimberly bullshit VERY fast, especially if it dominates the whole show. They're both fake as fuck, neither will see each other outside the house, so why do we have to suffer through this tedium?
Danielle's dog is cute. I used to have a chihuahua. Don't you think that's scary for a dog to have all that emotion put on you like that? I liked the way the dog popped out of the bag on BOTS but they cut that bit. That was the best bit. Can we do a dog swap and have Coco instead of Helen? (Meow)
FFS Steven it's OBVIOUS that Kimberly DID have a boyfriend or she wouldn't be twitching so much! Get a fucking clue, you gorm! 'Intimately involved'. Why doesn't he speak like a normal person? I can't BEAR HIM.
Oh good, they're showing Marlon being sexist twat. Get Marlon out!
Kimberly, you are not IN LOVE with Steven. How could ANYONE be IN LOVE with Steven? Even his own mother would struggle to love him. He's not even a real person. He's a soundbite! Look at his fucking eyebrows. He's not a man. He's pathetic.
Kimberly: 'I forget how to speak.' I can safely say I have never had that problem in my life. I'm not surprised she forgets how to speak though, with him droning on all the time. He's a control freak. He's going to use this as a stick to beat her with, and he's going to enjoy it. No wonder he looks 40.
I hate this 'gossip app' thing. It's so unfair on Ashleigh. Big Brother is just being too unfair right now. Oh and they're stitching up Chris, too. Brilliant. Why are they giving the cunts the advantage?! I can't stand it. My blood pressure is going up, I swear.
Finally, Helen vs Ashleigh, although totally engineered. Mark is at least being fair, saying it's not just Ashleigh. I know Mark plays up the 'voice of reason' thing, but sometimes, he is actually the voice of reason! Ugh, Jale lording it over Chris, I can't BEAR it! I suppose she's never said anything bad about Chris, right? I can't STAND HER. Ash called you a MAGGOT and you're still up his cunt. Stupid cow.
Helen: 'If I was bullying I'd get her on her own.' I bet she fucking would. Like Helen's never said anything about Ashleigh! Fucking nonsense. ARGHHHHHHHH!
I cannot STAND this show at the moment. It's deathly boring, and then horribly unfair. Sort it out or I'm quitting the podcast too, I can't be bothered promoting their shit show when they can't be bothered to actually make it fair, or decent. And I know I'm throwing another strop but this is getting beyond a joke now. It's not fun to watch in any way. I also heard someone has been saved from eviction, which just kills this week. How could they let it happen? In BBUS they RIG IT to keep the popular people in if needed. Can't BBUK sort their shit out?
OMG RED FLAG! Steven: 'As long as you don't have any communication with him.' WTF. How dare you tell someone who they can speak to?! That is a SERIOUS red flag. He is going to use this and use this and turn it into a big pity party for him. I really hope Kimberly wises up and tells him to go fuck himself. I'd personally like to take a match to the whole house. Wankers.

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wait til you see who gets immunity. It's a fix