Friday, 4 July 2014

Big Brother 2014: Always in the wrong

I haven't blogged all week which isn't a good sign! I think this week has actually been better; they spent a few quid on the morgue task and Winston's moustache was worth the entry fee alone. I enjoyed the ridiculous deaths. Ashleigh proved her mettle as a true gamer; pretending she liked Steven to secure Ash's place on the block. There was more FUN (t.m. BBBOTS) and I enjoyed the showmance between Winston and Danielle. Her luring him into bed then kicking him out was great. Not so much the no-mance between human statue Kimberly and human cringebag Steven. Why DID Kimberly get into bed with Steven? She must be fucking desperate. 'I'm really happy.' Tell your face, then. Danielle: 'I hope there was no hanky panky. Was it a French kiss?' Are we in high school?!
So tonight! It HAS to be Ash, doesn't it? How can it be anyone else?
Marlon to Winston: 'Did you grab her boobs?' No, because that would be sexual assault. This guy is such a cretin. Danielle clearly wants to get her mitts on Winston's Eiffel Tower. Has Danielle really been swayed by Winston's poem/rap? Jesus Christ. She's either mental or one of the top five Big Brother players ever. Either way, she's going deep in the game.
I like Helen telling bad jokes and tipping a drink over herself like the bloke in the cider advert. The blokes probably liked the wet t-shirt too, except Matthew. I saw Matthew's girlfriend on BOTS yesterday, and she didn't seem like a real person, so I think he is definitely gay.
I thought Winston liked Danielle for her 'assets' rather than her personality. I think he DOES want to 'grab her boobs' as Marlon so eloquently put, but he doesn't quite realise all the other shit that comes with it. And I think by the time he does, it will be too late. Hard on talk! Lovely.
WTF has Christopher done to his hair? Mark's little face when he got a cheer.
Why are they chanting 'get Ashleigh out'? Why is Matthew getting booed? This crowd are dumber than Winston. Worrying.
Ugh, friends and family. Here's Matthew's beard. She is super annoying.
Ash, everyone thinks YOU are an absolute tosser, not Matthew. Marlon: 'We're the true entertainers.' You're the true tosspots.
How has Steven twigged that Kimberly is with someone else? 'I can't like you if you're someone else's.' She's not an object, Steven! But she does sits motionless for long periods, so I kind of understand the mistake. Talk about full on. It's obvious from the way she's acting that something's up. She's got a poker face, but not in this instance. Steven is way too intense. Aren't new relationships supposed to be happy? She looks permanently suicidal and he's acting like he's in Eastenders. That's Winston's job, not you.
Matthew isn't going to go, is he? The crowd finally chanting 'Get Ash out' - I think. It's hard to say. OMG it WAS Matthew! WTF. I am AGOG. I might have to stop watching this series. Seriously, he was in my top three. It's too depressing. The show is depressing as hell anyway, but my enthusiasm for it is waning badly.
I don't think I'll be blogging anymore. I guess we'll do a couple more podcasts because I don't like to quit, but I'll be fucked if I'm expending much more energy on this show. I've written this blog ever since Jade Goody vs Shilpa, pretty much every day Big Brother has been on. I've been loyal past the point of sanity. But I just don't want to anymore. I'm starting to think my Big Brother crap online is cancelling out my actual real work online. And what's the point in it? Nothing. Big Brother has no respect for people who love the show. THEY don't love the show. So why should I waste my time on it? Maybe I'll just blog the evictions? I honestly don't know right now, I feel so humpy. It's just so unjust that Helen, Marlon and Ash are in that house and Matthew's not. I'll miss his silliness with Mark.
Normally I wake up in the morning and watch the show again with my boyfriend if he's been working. Not tomorrow. Fuck you, Big Brother. I raise an eyebrow to Matthew and bid you goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I log on daily to see your blog ... I've missed it! !!

Kandgoods said...

Honestly...I'm going through a really crappy breakup with a mate, I need this blog! Your disdain for certain housemates, makes me happy inside :)

lightupvirginmary said...

Haha aw thank you. Well I'm just tweeting tonight @lightupvm but I'll do another blog in the next couple of days. Thanks tho; I thought everyone had given up on bb AND my blog! X

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up your blog!