Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Big Brother 2014: 0.3737262 of a Mississippi

I think I might be on Big Brother overload as tonight I've watched two episodes of Big Brother US and we've done our UK Big Brother Bile podcast. We are having a week's worth of Big Brother in one night! God help us. This is what happens when your boyfriend does overtime. It's like a task just catching up with it all and enduring the UK version.
Jale moaning about people talking behind her back... behind others' backs.
Mark getting some outside contact, lol. They've made Mark's eyebrows too SMALL! That's not HD. It's LD.
Those Twitter messages Christopher and Winston saw are so BIASED. Anti Ashleigh and anti Danielle! Winston denounced Danielle quick smart. Boo. Don't worry, Christopher, Winston knows full well what hypocrisy means.
I would SO be making up a few tweets if I was Christopher and Winston. 'The whole country hates Helen', for example.
Kimberly is half being reasonable with Danielle and Ashleigh, but I still don't get why she backs Helen so much. I do not get her taste in people whatsoever. 
The safety app. Well we all know who pushes the button in 0.3737262 of a Mississippi. The biggest twat in the house. And that's a house with Steven, Helen and Ash in. WHY did Big Brother give Marlon the opportunity to do it! I just don't get it. It's obvious the most selfish person would take it.
Christopher told Ashleigh to drain it! Interesting. So he would have been happy for her to do it, but not Marlon?
Ashleigh: self proclaimed 'not a game player.' The others acting all sanctimonious is a bit rich, though. Who knows what they would have done in that sitiation?
Don't get me wrong; I hate Marlon's guts. But this lot being holier than thou is a joke. This could actually HELP Marlon's game if the others gang up on him. He's looking victimised right now. I was SO angry about this last night but the others are looking just as bad.
Winston keeps getting aerated, doesn't he? I quite like that side of him, though. Makes a change from the usual gormlessness.
The others all used the battery too, let's not forget. I can't believe I'm defending fucking Marlon, but seriously. The others are all in one group picking on one person. Is Mark not going to defend Marlon now, lol.
The others are pissy cos they wanted Marlon to go, I reckon. They're not that bothered about food.
Even Ash is having a dig at Marlon! Danielle is the only one speaking to him. Ash is defending Ashleigh! LOL. Desperate. Winston: 'Face eviction like a man.' Yes, not like a woman, whatever you do. Bad timing for the loo there, Christopher, you're missing a row here. Why is Winston so bothered? Why is Ash so bothered?! Mind you, I was so angry about this yesterday. I think I've just given up today. I'm just resigned to it all. Keep talking, Jale. Keep digging! 'You can't pick and choose your friends.' Unless you're Jale.
Steven, you're 23, you've got Big Brother brain, stop talking about marriage. Cut to Kimberly rolling her eyes. Probably when they have sex is the only time Kimberly DOESN'T roll her eyes.
Helen's counselling of Marlon wasn't very comforting. Steven: a bad judge of character? Never.
Ash thought Marlon was selfless? Are you brain damaged, Ash? Jerk.
Loved Helen doing the international gesture for fingering. You think Grimberly would wait until the others are akip. Helen is bold, I wouldn't go near that. OMG her banging her head was funny. Passion killer! I like naught Helen, just not scary Helen. Kimberly probably prearranged the intervention. Who could blame her?

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