Friday, 24 June 2011

Live: Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall

I went to see Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall last night, which was extra special because my brother came, and it was his first time seeing Bright Eyes, and he’s a big a fan as me (well, obviously not quite as big, as I've seen Bright Eyes SEVERAL times before). The Royal Albert Hall is a dream venue, and everything is easily accessible, toilets, drinks, the place you want to stand. We got a really good spot by the side of the stage, even though we were late and only just got to see Super Furry Animals dude who’s name I’ve forgotten how to spell.
The set was a bit more extravagant than the Scala, with two giant tent like structures on the stage, and a Placebo-style graphics screen. The lighting was also really excellent, and was put to good use. The acoustics were AMAZING. The set was pretty much the same as the Scala, with exceptions being he did Another Travellin’ Song (why?) Ladder Song (incredible) and Landlocked Blues (ho hum), but he didn’t do a couple of oldies he did last time (I won’t say what or my brother might get jealous). He was jigging about as before (in Rasta trainers, I noticed) and did a funny introduction of the band members. At the end he was touching the crowd and hugging the crowd, and I got literally two inches from touching his hand, but then he was off. Boo. Oh well, I’ve still got my bit of Morrissey shirt to cling to. It’s amazing being that close up to him, he is really beautiful, as well as being a genius, which is a winning combination in my book. I love him so much. Even my brother said he would pet him.
My favourite song was Old Soul Song, I nearly cried, I was so happy (it was a good day yesterday, I just got a new job), but there were lots of magical moments, including someone telling my brother to ‘shush’ for talking during No One Would Riot For Less and then after that we were shouting ‘shush’ at anyone cheering. It’s a gig, ffs (although my brother does talk a lot, admittedly).
All in all a magical night! I'm jealous of anyone seeing them at Glasto! Until we meet again, Conor... I'll get you next time.

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LillianZahra said...

Great review. Ladder Song was amazing, so happy that he played it. I loved the little dance he did while introducing the band - so cute. Sounds like you were very close! Really jealous of everyone at Glasto apart from the mud/rain part...rather liked the nice red velvet seat at the RAH! x