Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Apprentice: Every dog has it's day

Pet food task! The tasks seem to have been a lot better this year than last year, a bit more fun and quirky than selling sausages, anyway. Oh hold on, didn't they do that first episode?
Is Vincent team leader? Yays. His team is 'doing dogs'. The team leader 'doing cats' just called himself a 'catalyst'. Sounds rude. I want the cats team to win! Cats rule.
They've called the dog food Every Dog. Zzzzz.
I love seeing people in suits trying to be creative. Blue sky wanking! I wonder if Alan is going to say 'this has been a catastrophe' or 'this dog has had it's day'. Place your bets now! Bet bet bet. Ah, someone just made a dog's dinner joke. This is too easy.
Uh oh, the team leader Glenn just went against the focus group. You're going home! Oh well, all the better to beat you over the head with in the boardroom. He just messed up the whole task because he likes some stupid pun. No cat is going to eat diet cat food. He must be mad.
LOl to Orlando calling the sphinx cat a chicken. Rude! It looks more like a ball bag.
Ugh 'cats eyes see their light' is the strap line. I love the fact half his team are laughing at him. OMG that Glenn is the ultimate tool. I like the fact Zoe told him whereto stick it.
Melody gave her pitch like a robot. Although Orlando said 'y'know' about a million times at least he seemed friendly and casual. He did look a bit embarrassed by the product.
Let's just send Glenn home and be done with it! Ah, here we go. Lordy just made a 'Winalot' joke. OMG I can't believe Glenn's team won! Don't let this be the end of Vincent. NOOOOOOOO! I guess Jim has been set up for the fall as he thought of the rubbish name.
Tom's on the losing team again... sob! OMG Vincent didn't bring Jim back! He could end up going home for that. Jim, when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. Alan's got your card marked! Scary.
Vincent bottled it. Bringing the girls back is too easy. They didn't do anything bad. Vincent is tying himself in knots here. Is he in love with Jim? Are they having Brokeback times back at the mansion?
I'm shocked Alan kept Vincent, it's definitely just for TV.
LOL I take it all back! That was a killer end. But I could have told you, Vincent,
this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
And finally, special mention must go to Glenn, who on seeing Natasha walk back through the door to the house said, 'who's been sacked, Vincent and Ellie?' WELL DONE, GENIUS.


Ossian said...

Brilliant Vincent joke there. You should be writing for a national newspaper, truly.

Anonymous said...

Nice Starry Starry night reference there. Glenn isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he? Which made his feeble play on words so much funnier every time he had to explain it.

Tom's definitely my dark hose to win now. Not sure about his leadership skills yet, but he's the only one who seems to able to see what they're doing wrong.

LillianZahra said...

I thought Vincent would stay, just for the TV value. I'm still not sure that the "see their light" tagline even makes sense, or if it's just crap. Thank god Tom didn't go and with Jim and Glenn it looks like he'll be safe for another few weeks at least...