Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Live: Patrick Wolf at The Garage, Highbury

So I went to see Patrick Wolf last night at The Garage in Highbury thanks to my free tickets. I was going to go and see him on this tour anyway, and hopefully I’ll get to see him at The Roundhouse, too.
It was a great gig, firstly there was no support act which suited me and my friend as we both had to leave early, and we still got to see the whole thing. Also, support acts are annoying.
I had a feeling the stage/ set would be quite pared down this tour compared to the old Vulture shoulder pads treatment we got at Heaven and I was right. He came on in a pork pie hat with a little dicky bow, and his set was quite mellow, too, I guess, there was a lot of the new ones, which are quite slow. The crowd really came alive when he played his dancier stuff; personally my favourite song of the night was Time of My Life, which is the strongest song off his new album. Also good off the new album were House and The City (even those saxophones seem more acceptable live) and one I think is called The Future. He did some stuff I’ve heard before like Wolf song (zzz), The Bachelor (not an oldie, as introduced) and The Libertine (clip clop). The best oldie he did was The Magic Position, obviously. The crowd went mad.
Other things I noticed: his voice sounds AMAZING. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it so strong, it really is a joy to listen to live. Sometimes he sings out of the side of his mouth a bit which reminds me of that Harry Hill when he called Kate Walsh sideways mouth for the way she was talking on the phone. And that also reminds me of Marjorie Dawes a bit. Yet despite all this Patrick oozes sexuality. Even covered in sweat. No, especially. Plus his hair looks really good at the moment.
When he came back on after the encore he was wearing an all-red suit which made him look like he should have devil horns, with blood smeared over his face. He did Tristan at the end, but it was a bit of a duff version of it, he’s gone for the classic Brian Molko style ‘reimagining’ and it had a lot of interference on it, so it lacked punch. He finished with Together off the new album, notable for him coming down from the stage and walking into the crowd, pretty much halfway through the room (but sadly on the wrong side to us). Now I’d like to see Morrissey or Conor have the balls to do that.I like the way Patrick seems to walk to walk when it comes to his fans, it doesn’t seem like rhetoric, he does seem to care for them/ us.
I have seen him do a better setlist before, but if you've never seen PW live, go see him, he's magic. Bonus point: there'll be no vivisection videos (oh, Moz, I've missed you this tour, unforgivable of me).

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