Saturday, 18 June 2011

Patrick Wolf- Lupercalia

It is still good to buy CDs, and here's the proof; I bought Patrick Wolf's new album online at HMV and got free tickets to see him on Monday night. Now that's a bargain. I won Moz tickets a while back too. Surely the lottery win is just around the corner?
I always buy the CDs of people I love the most, anyway, and he falls into that category. It's got a lovely front cover and artwork, too. I like the fact he's pictured with a wolf inside. I like his red hair, too.
So onto the album. I've obviously already heard single 'The City' which is like The Killer's Joyride, complete with saxophones. I half love it, half hate it, it's joyful but too 80s and too poppy for my taste. Fun video, though.
I've also heard House, which has an AMAZING video. The song is quite sickly sweet, but uplifting. It's very romantic, but the lyrics are a bit too literal for my liking. And I thought he said 'greeting' heart (ie. crying), not grieving, which I preferred. I do like this one, it's a goodie.
I wasn't really feeling Bermondsey Street until he really pushes his voice at the end. He really has an amazing voice. The lyrics aren't up to much.
The Future is alright but it's a bit 'album track'. It all sounds like a soundtrack to some feel-good film. Armistice sounds like some hippy, religious dream.
William- it was (almost) nothing. That song must have been under a minute long!
Time of My Life is the best song on the whole album. Not since Since I Left You by The Avalanches (whatever happened to them?) has a singer sounded so gloriously happy to have dumped their lover. The whole song really soars, with the chorus of 'happy without you' really sticking the knife into someone, beautifully. I love it.
I liked how Slow Motion went a bit trippy at the end. My boyfriend just came in and said 'this would sound better on ketamine'.
Together has got a bit of a beat behind it at least, although I was certain he was going to go 'together, forever' which made me think of Westlife. It's a good track. Ooh he's doing a little talky bit at the end. I think he should do a bit of rapping. I reckon I could sing along to this one live already.
I just wish there was a couple more like this on the album. Where's the Vulture?
The Falcons sounds like The City at the start. This song is a bit too positive for me, I want things a bit seamier.
If I had to criticise the album, I'd say it's a bit samey. Whilst The Magic Position was his final stab at a big time pop career, it seems like this and the last album have both been a *little bit* self-indulgent. But then I never liked Wind in the Wires that much, so I do tend to shy away from the more stringy/ slow ones. I always liked Lycanthropy more. although Wind in the Wires has got Tristan on. But Lycanthropy has got Bloodbeat, Boy Like Me and Don't Say No, probably his three best songs of all time.
My boyfriend goes 'Has it got one like my blood beats black on it'? Well he said 'bleats' but that's beside the point. But it doesn't. It's just strings and soaring vocals. But that's nice too. I just like his techno side, too. I want to dance!
Disclaimer: this is my second listen of this. As ever, opinions may change over time. I hope this review isn't too negative, because I love and treasure PW. Don't want him to have a little strop over it and throw a mic stand at me.

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