Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Apprentice: Stig of the grump

Well, hello there. Who's gonna get it this week? Jim or Glenn, I hope. Ah, this week they're dealing with OPR (other people's rubbish). I'm sure Melody will lap this up. I can't imagine Orlando doing manual labour. I reckon Zoe could kick a bit of arse, though. I notice Jim's not volunteering this week. I wonder why (TARGET)?!
LOL to them trying to steal someone's BBQ as 'rubbish'. Being stuck in a car with Melody and NatashA-I'd take my chances in the back of the bin lorry.
This task lacks the glamour of previous weeks. What are they going to do next time; make them go work in an abattoir? I could see them ruthlessly trying to mark up offaland sell it as gourmet.
Whether Suzie is being dense or not, Zoe is talking to her like she's a piece of shit. I can't work out what's going on in this task. Does that mean she can come round to my house and talk to me like I'm a particularly slow child?
Boo to the sexist scrap merchant telling the women to 'go down the hairdressers'.
I like seeing them doing menial tasks because it shows who's not afraid to get their hands dirty.
I don't want Tom's team to lose again! Melody talks like that voice you hear when you send a text message to a landline. She has just less than that amount of warmth and humanity.
Yay, Tom's team won! Praise the Lord.
Why does Glenn hate Edna so much? She seemed to be pulling her weight in the task. And why is Zoe up Glenn's arse? Because they are both equally cunty. Don't think I didn't notice him saying, 'I'm not being funny, but...' earlier. I DID.
Ah, more women brought back into the boardroom! Suzie is such a whiny baby, I'm sick of her.
Ah, Edna went. I didn't mind Edna. I liked her psychobabble. Her resooomay was impressive, honest, Lord Sugar. She told CEOs what to do.
NB. People who say 'work hard, play hard.' Don't.

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Ossian said...

Edna self-destructed when she started bragging about her academic qualification and when she said she trained a multi-billion chief executive. Sugar said "Some of these corporates have money to burn." To be fair that was the clear implication from her bragging. You just got the impression that she was a time server. You know, I really agree with my friend Lord Alan about that sort of corporate and bureaucratic world. Give me the commercial world any day. I hate all those bluestockings and people who talk in a slowy down way. I wouldn't put them all to work in the potato fields but nearly.