Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Voice

American Idol is dead. The X Factor USA has eaten itself up in hype before it's even begun. The UK X Factor is a deserted ship. Bring on The Voice. With judges Ceelo Green (maybe I'm crazy?), Christiana 'candy floss hair' Aguelira, some country dude (Blake somebody) and Adam Levine (I forget what band he's in, but it's one of those shit ones like The Feeling.) How is it different from American Idol? Well, they sit in giant red thrones facing the opposite way so they just judge on 'the voice'. When they hear someone they like, they press a button and their chairs spin round so they can see the acts. I wish this worked the opposite way on Britain's Got Talent.
There's no preliminary audition stage so I'm not sure how these people got picked. But now the judges have to pick 8 each to be on their team. What happens after that? I haven't got a clue. I like it so far, though, it seems fresh compared to that knackers yard that Simon Cowell fucked off from. Oh and if more than one judge wants to pick a contestant, the contestants get to choose between the judges, which is quite amusing, and gives the power back to the contestants, which is a nice twist. It's got a feelgood factor about it; it seems a much more collaborative process.
There's a generic Fryan Seacrest type in charge (ever thought of having a woman host something? Thought not).
I like Ceelo Green for some reason, he's like something out of Austin Powers. Christina looks skinnier than of late, and I admire the lack of moisture in her hair, it looks like it could snap off or catch fire at any second. I actually quite like Christina when she's not singing and overdoing it like an old drag queen after too many sherries.
Oh no, sob story! That's one thing they could have done without stealing for this show. Sob stories are so over.
Oh, someone's doing Nirvana- edgy! *Kurt turns in grave/Courtney sues*
Adam and Christina are arguing! That's what I really miss on Idol now, it's so sickly sweet I can't stand it. It makes me long for a bit of Louis Walsh's BS. Can you imagine? It's good natured sparring though, I like it.
I liked the audition where they didn't show us what the contestant looked like but showed us his parents who were white and then the bloke was black with an enormous afro. Cheeky!
I'm interested to see where this show goes. Pretty good. Simon Cowell should be switching off his bathtime cartoons and taking notice.

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