Monday, 16 May 2011

There's something about Josie: 'I don't even know what a gastric band is'

I'm already despairing about having to watch another episode of this, I'm not even slightly in the mood for John James's BS. And why are the credits so gaudy? It's like looking at an copy of Real People magazine.
I just fast forwards through the boxing bit. I think I'd rather watch that boxing claptrap in Eastenders. This modelling thing is dull as fuck, too. God, I think I'd be better off watching Kerry Katona. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WATCH THIS?
Ah, the Josie and John James dress up as Peter and Jordan OK magazine photoshoot. I actually bought that one. I wonder why she doesn't want to play dress up. I seem to recall some angry little man in the Big Brother house calling someone a whore for the mere idea of appearing in a magazine shoot. WEIRD. I wonder why Josie is so upset about dressing up as a couple who have split up. Because she knows their relationship is doomed, obviously.
Josie is being a diva. Even John James is being more reasonable than her. It's like the magazine editors are taking the piss out of them. The whole show just feels sneery. I know they're asking for it. I know they're getting paid for it. But it's still just unpleasant to watch.
Ugh the way they are talking to each other is disgusting. If you're calling each other names and shouting at each other, it's not a relationship. Sure everyone argues, but you still have to have respect for your partner. They have none.
Ah now they're arguing about the 'he forced me to have an abortion' magazine cover. I can see why crabby is annoyed about that as it does look like it was him that said it. Mind you, it's not Josie's fault what lies they stick on the front.
Oh the dulcet Australian and Bristolian accents arguing. Magical.
Creepy fans! Ugh. Why do people want to be famous? I couldn't think of anything worse. Having to speak to freaks everywhere you go. I'd rather have anonymity than any millions.
God, I'd hate to go out with a moody so-and-so like John James. I can't STAND moody men. WTF why is JJ acting as go between. JJ is so fucking ugly he makes me want to vom. I'd rather have sex with a boiled egg than that boring cunt.
Was that hotel 'luxury'? I've seen better in the before section of The Hotel Inspector.
Thank God Josie chucked that thing out. He's like an emotional vampire. I've been in that situation where I've been out with someone I thought was so good-looking that I let them get away with murder. It's really not worth it. No, really.
Yeah, the fans are right, Josie sure is 'bubbly'. Why are all their 'fans' middle-aged women?! Why is JJ signing things at Josie's perfume signing? Get off that bandwagon, you fucking leech.
It's so sad and pathetic hearing them arguing about their looks. Josie should have stayed having a laugh with her mates. I think Josie would be better off just moving back to Bristol and being near her family. Fame aint all it's cracked up to be; just ask Chantelle.
John James is an emotionally abusive POS. I've seen his kind a million times before. I bet you a million times he's useless in bed, too. In fact I bet you a ZILLION pounds he's one of those guys who won't go down on a girl. I'd bet my fucking LIFE ON IT. HE IS A MISOGYNIST.
Whippet? Postcode? WTF sort of argument is this?! How embarrassing having an argument like that on camera. Where's your dignitas?
I think that disgusting flat is sucking the life out of them. It's like the dullest hotel room on the planet.
LOL look at that scarf John James is wearing. And the earring! Stop calling her a cunt, you nasty little fucker. Woman-hating little closet case. I bet JJ is shitting himself now because his two meal tickets are warring. Better go back to Aston Merrygold and leech off him instead.

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