Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Apprentice: I'm tired.

I'm actually enjoying The Apprentice more this year, it seems a bit tighter. However, I'm not enjoying blogging tonight because I feel deathly. I'm going nodwards the second this finishes.
So they've got to buy stuff for the Savoy hotel. Suzy is project manager. Uh oh.
Gavin (on team Logic) is so severe! He scares me.
I know what a cloche is, because I've watched a squillion Big Brothers and I'm a Celebs. It's what they stick the manky food under. (Get the meat!) I can't believe not one of them knows.
Top hats cost nearly £400. Wow. Gavin is struggling under pressure. I like Vincent, he's a buffoon. Natasha was coming off pushy and desperate. I hate the hard sell!
Wow, saving a penny! They are really hardnosed business people.
Top hat dry cleaners! Brilliant. That's like going to AAAardvark taxis and asking if the sell aardvarks. These people are morons.
Vincent taking the phone off Ellie was a bit rude. Three-ply loo roll? Well la-di-da.
OMG Suzy's team won by £8! Every penny does count after all. I'd be surprised if Gavin didn't go home.
I've never even seen that dowdy blonde girl speak before! I still don't recognise about 30% of these people- is that normal?
I hope they don't boot Vincent, he's like the last comedy character left. Ah it's a shame Gavin went, even though he scared me. There was something a bit sexy about those glasses.
ps. Sorry for my bad blogz. Poorly.

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