Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sexism Begins at Home: Madeley & Noel

I've decided to have a new and occasional column (the occasional will be determined by obvious factors) dedicated to the casual and not so casual (the Daily Mail, this means you) sexism rife in all aspects of the media. To write about it here is to make me slightly less outraged, and I can now enjoy sexist comments, because I can blog them. This is how I deal with all my problems, make them into a story!

Richard and Judy

On Michelle Gayle’s Eurovision entry:
Richard ‘who wrote that for you?’
Michelle (not at all perturbed, but proudly) ‘I wrote it myself.’
‘You’re a clever little chicken, aren’t you?’
Michelle: (grinning from ear to ear) ‘I try.’
Someone must have said something in his ear after that because he said to Andy Abrahams, ‘Did you write your own song too?’
He didn’t call him a clever little chicken though.

Deal or No Deal
Noel, after making a contestant apologise to the studio audience…
‘200 people in 3 minutes?
Even Sarah [one of the contestants] can’t manage that.’

I know Noel and Madeley are old and known bumbling buffoons, but still. Poor show!


* (asterisk) said...

Did you come up with this idea all on your ownsome? Wow. You must e very pleased with yourself, sweetie.

Shep said...

She's a very clever girl...bless.

Ossian said...

what he should have said is she's a beautiful girl, but her songwriting is moronic. if only they could've combined her looks and the other guy's song. unfortunately like GBS feared, they got them the other way round. I think her song goes something like "I'm ooh ooh, woo woo. Ooh ooh woo woo" - a perfect Eurovision lyric, though.

Ossian said...

i suppose i get slapped for calling her "a beautiful girl". i knew that when i was writing those words, i just want to claim. i mean say.

lightupvirginmary said...

shep and asterisk... you misogynists! ;-)
Steve- calling someone beautiful is not sexist.

Ossian said...

oh good. (makes note.)