Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Extraordinary People: The Man Without a Face

Fucking hell! He'd lived like that since he was 14! 14!!!! HOW???
Words cannot describe. I'm nowhere near good enough a writer. It did look exactly like a mask. The poor man didn't even seem human.
It turned out Jose was a Jehovah's witness, and did not want to receive blood when he had his operation. How could you worship any God who'd done that to you? However, they could not operate without a tranfusion, so he had to choose between an imaginary delusion, and his face! For God's sake. Or not. So he buggers off and thinks about it for six months! This guy seems very laid back about having a giant tumour and talking like Darth Vader. Way, way too laid back, in fact.
I actually got annoyed with him towards the end. How boneheaded do you have to be to rather live in complete discomfort than to get a transfusion? I felt sorry for his sister, who was doing her best to look after him. In the end they decided to chip off a bit at a time. How could he not want the lot off IMMEDIATELY??? I really think he was too scared to have the op. Maybe he just got used to the way he was.
Bit disappointed he didn't have the op, I wanted his face to be revealed like in Extreme Makeover. Incidentally, what effect must programmes like that have on people like these?
Why do I watch this stuff? I think I'm determined to look the horror of life right in the eye, then convince myself it's safer to just do nothing. Or maybe I'm just a sick voyeur.
The only amusing thing about this documentary was that the gave Jose the voice of a slightly camp Northern man. That was the only sliver of relief!

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* (asterisk) said...

Yeah! Bob Marley preferred to die, rather than be operated on for his cancer. Crazy religions.