Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Big Brother USA- Avenge! Avenge!

There might be only two of us watching it, but this is the best thing on telly at the moment by a country mile. It's truly entertaining in every sense of the word, it feels like much more of a soap opera and a gameshow than our BB. Our BB is more like a wildlife documentary.
Well, it was hilarious they voted James back in. At least an old housemate (sorry, house guest would have been grateful, James just wanted to kick their arses. I couldn't help thinking James would be better off playing his cards a little closer to his chest rather than going 'rargh rargh rargh I hate you!' But he was right, they were stupid to vote him back in. I am a happy viewer though, cos he's my fave.
They did milk that disco ball challenge a little, didn't they? Natalie's devotion to Matty was both pitiful and admirable at the same time, as she hung from a chain whilst he called her an 'idiot'. Then she went green and puked! I cheered when she fell into a pool of her own spit. And what happened to Ryan? He went from amiable geezer, to psychotic: 'I want that pink hair out!' Then he went up to James' yard for an arse-kissing session. Slurp! Good on James for sticking to his word when no other fucker does. Although he should have got Matty out. Matty, Matty, Matty! I don't trust people who put extra 'y's on the end of their names, Matty, Tommy, Jimmy. It's all a bit childish. Matt sounds much more acceptable.
I'm still liking Joshua, despite popular opinion. I find him entertaining. I like watching him shit stirring, it's funny. I like his eyebrows as well.
Questions: when are they going to show James' gay porno? When will Natalie realise Matty will never shag her? And who's going to go this week? You decide! Oh no... we don't, do we? Bollocks!


Anonymous said...

One thing starting to get on my wick is the copious flashbacks. It's handy for showing folk up as liars and slagbags, but other than that it's pissing away precious time. Each episode begins with a ten minute replay of events, horrendously inappropriate considering each episode has to carry two or three days worth of house life. We don't all have memories like sieves y'know. Hang about, where was I?

When Josh was reading that letter from home in the pool I was hoping for a butter-fingers moment; I wanted that letter SOAKED and ILLEGIBLE. Urgh, he was being disgusting yet again during the disco ball task - "Sheila's hair is nasty, look at that ass, eww" - why can't he pick on a man for once??

Poor Natalie indeed, though you must give credit to Matty for always being upfront with her. To be a true slimy git he could be keeping her sweet with all kinds of promises. The fact that he's often horrid to her is somewhat admirable. Anyway, I think he came off really well in this episode - unlike that vile, VILE queen putting dust on people's beds.

You're right about Ryan, though he suffered from the same problem Sheila had - the partner situation worked against him (Jen and Allison both made him a target). Like Sheila he's now free to play the game, and he's playing! Or at least trying to. That was such a weak attempt to moisten James's backside, why bother?!

Ryan to go this week - save Sheila!


lightupvirginmary said...

The flashbacks are rubbish. I forwards through them. The black and white looks so cheap too.
How about that weird bible studies bit? Like Goliath was a real man?!! I pity americans.
Hahah I couldn't believe him slagging off Sheila's appearance- how rude! I loved it though. It's true though, he never stands up to the boys.
We are never going to agree about twatty matty!